Rumors in Bovine County

The Burgeron family in Bovine County is well known. Of course stories about the family are heard, rumors.

Tell a story that is whispered in Bovine County. Make it ART.

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Submitted by Anna Cow

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What happened to the Boos?

Written by Christina Hendricks (@clhendricksbc) on June 19, 2014 1:25 am
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Many of you who are familiar with the Burgeron family know of the family ghosts, Mama Boo and Little Boo. See here for a post about Mama Boo that has a link to another about Little Boo:

In that post, Mama Boo says she’s not gonna tell us what happened to them or how they became ghosts because she says all that matters is that they’re still around and hanging out with the family and having fun and singing and such, so why dwell on how they got there? But really, how can she think we’re going to just rest with that? There have been rumours ever since she and Little Boo showed up, so many years ago that few can now remember when it was. It was all so hush hush at the time that no one seems to have written down what happened, and now those who can remember aren’t around anymore.

Some say the Boos drowned in the floods of ’57 (, but that makes no sense because we know they were around before that. At least, that’s what I heard from someone who said she heard it from one of the family members, who heard it from his grandpa, who said he distinctly remembered them being around during the war to end all wars.

Some say they succumbed to that god-awful flu that wiped out so many people during that god-awful war, but so did several members of the family, and why were the Boos the only ones to hang on as ghosts? Others say they died in an accident involving the family still (, and the strength of that backwoods brew kept them going as ghosts for the foreseeable future. Well maybe, but then why aren’t the rest of the Burgerons who took some mighty big draughts of that stuff while alive also ghosts after they passed on?

I got no answers here, only rumours and unasnwered questions. Somehow we gotta get that Mama Boo talking.

Going Bovine

Written by Cris Crissman / Cris2B Twitter on June 16, 2014 1:31 am
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There was something unusual about the garden gnome stationed near the peonies at the Burgeron family home. His eyes seemed to follow you around like those of a bad ancestral portrait. And that look on his face, well, could it be disgust? I’m definitely posting his pix on Instagram.

Whoa! How’d I trip? That was quite a wallop. If I didn’t know better I’d say that funky little fat creature didn’t like having his picture made . . .

And that’s how the rumors of the grumpy gnome at the Burgeron’s place began.

With apologies to Libba Bray, Going Bovine

‘Sappho’ On Storytelling

Written by @Janweb3 on June 15, 2014 11:50 pm
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I’ve volunteered to introduce the family and its many friends to storytelling. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to do this. I generally like to adopt an inclusive and generous approach to my lessons, so I will begin by saying that there is no right or wrong way to tell a story.

This Digital Storytelling 106 open summer course begins June 21, but if you look at our family’s website, you will see that some characters have already emerged and begun weaving web stories in writing, animated gifs, videos, sound, visuals -all loosely tied to the central idea of a virtual family reunion in Bovine County, Texas to celebrate Nana Lou’s 100th birthday. Nana Lou will be announcing something special at this reunion. Imagination runs rampant in virtual reality! You can join the fun!

The narrative mode comes naturally to us as a style for organizing thoughts and ideas. We are storytelling creatures. Stories create a vocabulary of understanding – each person lives a story; each person shares his or her story with others – stories unfold frames of reference. Stories give order to complex realities. I heard an Elder say, many years ago; “I tried to live my life right. I tried to live my life like a story.” Maybe Nana Lou said this too, I am not sure.

The Burgeron Family invites you to the Bovine County Trailer this summer to tell your stories. Here is a link to the DS106 Handbook in case you need some orientation to the Open Course which can eventually take on a web life of its own. DS106 is #4Life

You can also sit by my campfire if you like and tell me your stories, and I’ll tell you mine.

Credits: Writing and images by ‘Sappho’ @Janweb3

Nana Lou’s Fall From Grace

Written by @NanaLou022 (aka @Rockylou22) on June 15, 2014 6:52 pm
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Will we ever know what really caused Nana Lou to abruptly fall from grace all those years ago? She still refuses to discuss the event and has responded instead by fiercely clinging to her pride and stubbornness, which has most recently resulted in her decision to bring her digitally illiterate family members, The Burgeron’s, into the modern age of computers and the Internet. She attacks this project with all of the vigor of her previous professional energy and skill, as well as a private need to prove to the world her own worth by elevating her family.

With a PhD in Organic Chemistry and a minor in Physical Chemistry, she was by all accounts turning her lifelong love of pyrotechnics into a skyrocketing career specializing in explosives. She used to be a pretty big deal in these parts. But the career she had devoted so much of her life to abruptly ended amongst a swirl of controversy and wild accusations. There have been many theories and stories suggested by Bovine County residents as to what really happened, but Nana Lou has remained silent on the matter. Maybe her much anticipated Burgeron family reunion announcement at the end of August over at the Burgeron Trailer will be the grand finale we’ve all been waiting for.

Creative Bovines in Bovine County

Written by Mdvfunes on June 15, 2014 6:43 pm
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There is always talk at the hardware store in Bovine about Don Burgeron. 

After all the business with the name change and the people at 107,  the town started to talk about how his cows. It seems that he is known all over a place called the Interwebz  for his creative bovines – is that not another name for cow?

How can he get a cow to be creative? They eat grass all day and have no brains!

Well it seems that he is managing to teach those cows computer literacy and that they are going around the Interwebz reclaiming their own domain and being rude to visitors, saying things like: this site is mine, get your own!

The town is getting a bit scared as people from this interwebz start to arrive to Bovine County.  And of that Don. Even his sister talks about him spending ‘far too long with those darn cows’. 

How is he teaching cows to use computers creatively?  It is not natural. Talk say he is a kind of wizard. Mary Smith the head teacher from the local Bovine school, where neither cows nor children learn to be creative said: ‘ I have half a mind to start a petition asking for those darn cows to be confiscated or something. Bovine does not need a Gandolf  that is for fairy tales not a sensible Texan town with a hardware store, darn it! ‘ 

NanaLou Burgeron was unavailble for comment. This newspaper awaits the arrival of Sappy Burgeron on June 21 who has promised an exclusive revelation about her brother Don’s methods of teaching.

Vodka in Bovine County?

Written by Anna Cow on June 15, 2014 9:49 am
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It is said that Jason Barber.. You do know him? He is a dairy farmer from Bovine. His wife does the cheese factory. They say he makes vodka from cow’s milk. Would you believe that? The Sheriffs has been on the farm, but they could not find a bottle of vodka. But would you trust our sheriffs to find anything smaller than Bovine mountain? I reckon Barber is smarter than a sheriff, he did hide the vodka of course.

And it could be done. They say you must separate the milk into curds and whey. Have seen this documentary. The curds are used to make cheese. You do know how to make cheese? The curds is for his wife and the cheese factory. And the whey is fermented with yeast to convert the milk sugar into alcohol. It is then distilled and triple filtered to create vodka.
They say it is good vodka.