20 ways

1. Cooked a turkey (Thanksgiving)
2. Facilitated a workshop (Saturday)
3. Use power tools (hung pictures Saturday)
4. Exchange ideas with friends (All the time)
5. Appreciate family (Daily)
6. Get American Netflix (A month ago)
7. Write in a journal (Rarely)
8. Instagram (A week ago)
9. Tweet (Days ago)
10. Create boards on Pinterest (Yesterday)
11. Teach something new to someone (Today)
12. Raise children (Ongoing)
13. Sing (this morning in the shower lol)
14. I know every word of the movie On Golden Pond (Yesterday)
15. Play an instrument (Yesterday)
16. Working out (Today)
17. Draw (Almost never)
18. Create a video (2 weeks ago)
19. Use coupons (NEVER)
20. University degree (26 years ago)