Bob’s Disturbing One-Night Stand

Bob's Unforgettable One-Night Stand

Bob goes out to the bar and orders one too many drinks. He then sees a pretty girl looking his way and he comes towards her. He buys her a dirty martini and next thing you know, they are headed back to her apartment. When he wakes up that morning, he smiles to see her lying next to him. Bob slowly gets out of bed, careful not to disturb the girl and he maneuvers into his clothes on the floor. He goes to the fridge to fill a cup with water. When he opens the freezer door to get ice, he saw something that startled him so badly he dropped the glass, its’ shattering pierced his eardrums. The small white bag was stained with crimson splotches. He could not catch his breath. The girl called behind him,

“What’s wrong,” her voice quivering. She then saw his eyes on the crimson-stained bag. “Oh, I totally forgot I left that in there!”

“Why..did you do this,” Bob asked, his voice going to a whisper.

“I wanted to save the meat for later. Plus when it’s fresh, it’s really hot so I wanted to cool it down.”

The room was silent except for the ringing in his ears. He could not believe a person could be so cruel as to freeze a Chik-fil-A sandwich. It’s downright evil.