Hi. I’m your cup.

Unfortunately, like Rodney Dangerfield. I get no respect.

But that could be changing.

Miss America’s talent was singing while she played cups.


And Anna Kendrick, a Tony-winner and Oscar nominee, brought the house/restaurant down with her a cappella cup version of “When I’m Gone” in the box office hit, “Pitch Perfect.”

So you think playing cups is a recent phenomenon?

Think again.

The British act Lulu and the Lampshades played cups to “When I’m Gone” back in 2009. Which inspired Anna Burden’s performance which went viral and inspired Anna Kendrick to learn to play cups.

And Anna’s awesome performance in the movie when she imagines a restaurant full of people playing cups.

Hey, don’t just sit there. Give it a try.

Take out your smart phone. Watch Anna perform cups on Letterman. Give me a few taps as you clap.

Create a flash mob performance. Right here. Right now.

This is going to be fun!