Danger afoot

Soiled, abused and battered,
Still we have struggled valiantly.
To finish, though flaps and gussets, gnarled and knotted
Stand in the way of our turn
We know the task is beyond our small abilities.
There is no room for failure
For the fate of the world hangs on our very grafting, flapping breath
Supplicants, we raise, in a pantheon chorus
Our voices to the sky!
Though the goddesses have deserted us in our hour of need
We continue to evoke her names as a safe guard against evil.
“Hygieia, Hygieia, in your name grant us the privilege of purity, cleanliness and softness!
Though we try our best, we fall into the trap of succumbing to the crime of becoming odoriferous.
Mokosh aid us in our task of remaining paired throughout eternity and to remain whole!”
And if our pleas fall upon deaf ears
May the mending of us make us stronger.
Through twists and turns, we will not flee!
Though we are fleet of foot, heel and leg
Though you may cuff us and spear us with darting needles!
We stand our ground
Relentless of spirit
Though alone, we are always mated
Defying all who try to part us
Though we may be washed upon the shore
And tumbled most dreadfully
In the unrelenting heat of the dry desert
Until our minds do not know
Whether we are in the sky or in hell
We stand together.
And then, most piteously,
Once we have recovered from our ordeal
We discover, to our shock and horror,
We have been ripped forever from our mate
And have been sentenced to suffer
The fate of aloneness
Discarded as unworthy,
To enter into the Underworld of our lives,
Forgotten and discarded.