How to Document Your Learning

1. Get a degree so you have a diploma
2. Get a transcript of courses
3. Keep a journal, learning log
4. Paint a picture
5. Create a website

6. Give a lecture or speech
7. Make a video
8. Write a book
9. Take a test
10. Teach a class

11. Write a song
12. Write an epic poem
13. Make a graph
14. Create a practical application
15. Record an audio description

16. Tweet it
17. Act on it
18. Tell somebody
19. Memorize it
20. Don’t document, just move on to the next thing

I teach classes, which includes giving lectures. I act on learning. I tell people things I learned. I memorize some of it. I am writing an iBook textbook for internal use. I’ve got degrees and transcripts. I have a ReclaimDomain website so I will be making that. I don’t keep a journal of my learning, but I keep scrapbooks. Mostly, I just move on to the next thing.