Is that documented learning or the sound of one hand clapping?

This exercise seemed easy until I actually began to break it down to the core…and then I was stuck just nibbling around the cookie. I can’t say I actually identified the dynamic of learning; maybe process, maybe product. But the ineffable taste of melted ice settling in a glass or the sound of abrasive moonlight…these are easier to capture than the open moment of learning.


|1| journaling ~~ |2| mind-mapping my way back to the beginning ~~ |3| make it to be given away as a gift ~~ |4| screenshots and other in-the-moment snapshots ~~ |5| creating “recipes” of the learning ~~ |6| saving the bits and the mistakes ~~ |7| repetition ~~ |8| variation on top of the repetition ~~ |9| as for help ~~ |10| resist the temptation to ask for help ~~ |11| ignore past recipes ~~ |12| re-do something that I was really satisfied with ~~ |13| re-do something intentionally wrong ~~ |14| concluding something when I am satisfied and not necessarily when it is “done” ~~ |15| displaying it on the wall ~~ |16| sharing it with friends and family ~~ |17| abandoning it in public ~~ |18| complicating what I once thought was simple ~~ |19| simplifying what I was approached with unnecessary complexity ~~ |20| taking a moment to acknowledge when I am becoming associated with my work (i.e., “dad makes the best cheesy eggs”)