Maegan’s learning…

Maegan’s learning has been documented this week by:
1. journaling…old school with a pen and paper, (it never crashes on me!)
2. crafting….creating projects with girlfriends over the weekend
3. daily online entries…..using a tracker that i input my daily info into
4. students work…have they improved? what have I learned based on the results of their learning?
5. feedback….from peers, colleagues and mentors
6. communication….texts and emails with friends and family
7. the leftovers in my fridge….were my new recipes any good? or are the leftovers still sitting in the fridge?
8. what’s in my purse….have I learned from experience? am I prepared with everything I need for today?
9. what’s in my karma bank….what have I learned from the people I serve at the shelter?
10. how much paper is on my desk?….am I becoming more comfortable with technology?
11. does my trainer correct my form on exercises I’ve learned? or do I get a “good job”?
12. I’ve got the start to a scarf on my knitting needles thanks to girls in my class who’ve started knitting club.
13. maybe reading for fun isn’t so bad! students have me excited for Allegiant! It comes out today!
14. my attention span is getting worse with age…..I’m losing interest in completing this task….
15. my circulation is getting worse with age…..I’m cold!
16. I still have a wild side #southbeachcasino
17. I maybe don’t hate technology? I heart pinterest and instagram!
18. I’m as excited and impatient as my students……when do we get our ipads?
19. We’re still fun! #geretcoates!
20. Old friends are the ones you can pick up with right where you left off!