Nana Lou’s Fall From Grace

Will we ever know what really caused Nana Lou to abruptly fall from grace all those years ago? She still refuses to discuss the event and has responded instead by fiercely clinging to her pride and stubbornness, which has most recently resulted in her decision to bring her digitally illiterate family members, The Burgeron’s, into the modern age of computers and the Internet. She attacks this project with all of the vigor of her previous professional energy and skill, as well as a private need to prove to the world her own worth by elevating her family.

With a PhD in Organic Chemistry and a minor in Physical Chemistry, she was by all accounts turning her lifelong love of pyrotechnics into a skyrocketing career specializing in explosives. She used to be a pretty big deal in these parts. But the career she had devoted so much of her life to abruptly ended amongst a swirl of controversy and wild accusations. There have been many theories and stories suggested by Bovine County residents as to what really happened, but Nana Lou has remained silent on the matter. Maybe her much anticipated Burgeron family reunion announcement at the end of August over at the Burgeron Trailer will be the grand finale we’ve all been waiting for.