Not 20

Why document at all? is life itself not a document of learning? isn’t learning just dealing intelligently with uncertainty? We do that each moment.

Yet, I do document. What have I done this week?

* dealt with uncertainty, yes.

* paid attention to both outer and inner life? yes.

* noticed breathing moment to moment? more often now than years past.

* able to stop and let go of a given task just because? A lifetime’s journey.

* read wise words from others? Daily.

* smiled at my dog? yes.

* noticed that I now notice when the impatience of unmet expectations arises? blessed each time I do.

* found inner stillness? yes, and I am grateful.

* simplified life a little more today? yes.

* faced a fear by just holding it compassionately? each day has moments of that…

* sometimes I pretend I have the answers, did I do a little less of that today? meh…may be more tomorrow

* it is not 20 and I stop counting.

* On reflection, there is only one way to document learning: when we breathe, know we are breathing.

And **that** is a life time practice.