Showing my learning

Ways that I can show my learning:
– blog about it (preferably with lots of links)
– tweet about it
– photograph it
– make a video about it
– write a letter to my mom about it
– get a badge
– make a badge if there isn’t one for what I need
– post or about it in G+ (or contribute to an existing conversation)
– turn it into a DS106 DC assignment
– teach someone else (it’ll live forever)
– tell my kids about it
– share it with the world via a site like
– add details to my ePortfolio
– add it as a project on LinkedIn
– host a G+ Hangout to share
– keep a copy in the “special box”
– add or update a Wikipedia entry about it
– make a podcast about it
– curate a collection of resources about it

Well it is only Monday, but by bedtime I will have blogged, taken photos, tweeted, added to conversations in G+, taught someone else, and shared in a G+ Hangout.