To My Girlfriend

Charlize Theron, I know what we have is special. You might not know it yet but me and you are made for each other. Just because you are married and I have a girlfriend does not mean that it will not work out. Looking at your pictures every night before I go to sleep, watching your movies constantly, or holding on to the piece of hair I have in my sock drawer you make me feel amazing. Please just do not tell Diana.. I am kidding.. Sort of..

Really though..

Diana, it will be one year since we have been together and I am truly happy to have you life in my. We have some of the best memories and I will forever cherish them. You may annoy the hell out of me but at the end of the day I can never get enough of you. When we met we did not have many of the same interests as with me some of them that would turn women away like comics and video games, yet you did not laugh or think less of me but you also picked them up yourself and have immersed yourself in my hobbies. Just because you’re at JMU and I’m at UMW, that means nothing. We still make a way to see each other regardless and I am happy about that. Also I respect that you are okay at Mario Kart and beat me at times (even though I let you win). Let’s keep making some great memories.