To My Parents

Dear Mom,

I want to express how much you mean to me because I am not always able to. You and dad came here to America with hopes to make a better life for not only yourselves but also for your children. I want to express how proud I am to be your son. I understand that growing up you wanted to give me everything, through all the struggles you and dad have been through coming to America was one of the hardest things either of you had to do. To leave your family behind and to come to a country you knew nothing about, I can only imagine how hard it was for both of you. Not fully understanding what you and dad had to go through for me when I was younger, I understand a little bit more now. Looking back, being there while you and dad got your citizenship and all of the work both of you done for me, I am forever grateful. I can only hope that I make you feel proud of me as well, though we have our language barrier I truly love you both.