Twenty Ways to Document My Learning

(with apologies to Paul Simon)

The problem is all inside my head
I said to me
The answer is easy if you
Take it logically
I’d like to help myself in my struggle
To keep up with what I learn
There must be twenty ways
To show my learning.

You just write it all down, Jack
On Evernote, Wikispaces, or Google Calendar, Stan
Then talk about it incessantly, Lee
Just listen to me
Then blog and comment, Gus
You just need to discuss much
Just drop yourself a voicemail, Sue
That’s what you do.

Then tweet and take pictures, Drew
Write a poem or a song to cue
Anything that will record your sound
Just get it all down.

So I’m made copious Evernotes today
Worked on my wiki like I say
It’s a way to preserve what I think
And curate before I sink.