Twenty ways

Through the sweat of my brow…often.
The furrow in my forehead? It’s getting deeper everyday. Daily.
Poetry…not this week, though one never knows what the daily create will ask of us next.
6 word story…see answer directly above.
25 word story…ditto.
Painting a picture. Perhaps this week.
Photograph. Yes.
Discourse with a peer. Yes.
Twitter. Of course.
Drawing. Later today.
Pottery. Wednesday night.
Through dance. I’ll listen to DS106 later today.
Soundcloud. Hopefully later this week.
Google doc. Today.
Audioboo. Maybe later this week.
Songwriting. See Audioboo
YouTube. Today.
Email. Another daily task.
Building a game. All this week, and the next (and the next.) Codeacademy and I are becoming friendly.
Asking questions. Incorporating the answers into my thinking. Constantly. Cannot seem to stop.
Silent reflection on of all of the above and the resulting river (sadly, sometimes just a trickle) of notes to myself. Daily.