1. Today's Daily Create assignment is:

    What’s in your toast?

    From our friends at Boing Boing. What can you edit into your own toast today?

    Upload your photo to flickr and tag it dailycreate and tdc1334

    And speaking of toast, this is the last Daily Create that will be published here. But do not cry, the party continues. You can find tomorrow’s at our new site, it will be tweeted out as usual by @ds106dc.

    But the way you respond is different, you can reply to that tweet, include the daily create daily tag, and that’s how you do it. You can even try it today, go ahead and upload your toast photo to flickr, but also tweet it to @ds106dc and include the tag #tdc1334

    Party on, Garth.

Check it Out

The Daily Create's new home...

The Daily Create provides provided a space for regular practice of spontaneous creativity through challenges published every day.

Check out the New Daily Create. It’s awesome.

Each assignment should take no more than 15-20 minutes. There are no registrations, no prizes, just a community of people producing art daily. Developed as part of the ds106 open course on digital storytelling, TDC is open to anyone who wants a regular dose of creative exercises (and it more fun than jumping jacks, pushups, and P90X).

One random example of Daily Create Exercise created for TDC613

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Follow @ds106dc on Twitter or use the signup form to the right to get notifications via email. New assignments are posted each day at 5AM EST (we repeat the tweet 2 more times later in the day). The assignments will vary in mode– photography, drawing, audio, video and writing.
  2. Once you’ve completed your assignment, follow the directions to upload it to the appropriate service and tag it correctly (this is how we can aggregate your work here).
  3. That’s it! You may wish to tweet out a link to it to let your followers know what you’re up to but this is not a requirement.
  4. People are encouraged by feedback, so send some comment love to other people Daily Creating with you.

We encourage you to challenge yourself to create something new each day instead of using older photos or videos. But there are not rules- if you re-use media, think how you can make it new by re-editing them.

The assignments are designed to be quick to do and should not need any or much post-editing. Consider trying several different approaches to each assignments. Often your first instinct might not always be your best work. Experimentation is key, and as always, the one hard and fast rule is MAKE ART DAMMIT!

Daily Create Heros

Tumblr gif for "How to Improve Star Wars"

Tumblr gif for “How to Improve Star Wars”

After the demise of The Daily Shoot, in January 2012, Tim Owens built the DS106 Daily Create site making it all work and look so pretty. Alan Levine added functionality for the Writing types, created a back-end admin tool to make creating TDCs less tedious, and populated the challenges from 2012-2104.

Mariana Funes has been managing the Daily Creates since mid 2014. And not only that, when a change in YouTube’s API broke our video embeds, she forked out the pesos to purchase an update to the TubePress plugin.

About ds106

DS106 began as a digital storytelling course offered for credit for students at the University of Mary Washington.

And ds106 is also open to anyone interested in making digital art along with us and is truly an online community of learners beyond UMW. We have an open collection of creativity assignments, a best of collection of participant works, even an internet radio station.

There is no cost and no obligation once you sign up. Learn more about ds106. it’s fascinating history, and how you can easily get started being part of the community.

Got Idea?

The Daily Create does not grow on trees, the challenges come from people like you... yes you. Send us a TDC idea over on our new site.

Talking About TDCs

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Where is my stuff?

The sites we use provide \ information at different intervals. Content submitted to Soundcloud and Flickr can take up to an hour to show up on the site, sometimes more (and flickr tags can sometimes take a day to go public). YouTube is the worst with some videos taking 12-24 hours to show up. There's not much rhyme or reason to this and we're always exploring better ways to aggregate content but for now just make sure you're using the proper tag for the assignment and the submission is available to the public. See our FAQ for more information and to nag us if something is not working.