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More things you can use and do with the ds106 Daily Create.

Todays TDC

#tdc4038 #ds106 Positive News

Most news stations just broadcast bad news. It triggers our fear/anxiety and apparently keeps us hooked on to the screen / radio.
Let’s share some positive news. Be it a puppy rescued, a child born, a beautiful trip you made, whatever, as long as it triggers positive feelings.
Let’s continue 2023 with a good feeling.

Daily Create WordPress Widget

Use on any wordpress blog to add a sidebar widget that displays the latest Daily Create assignment. Created by Tim Owens and Martha Burtis (University of Mary Washington). This is a working copy you see right in this page!

In your wordpress dashboard, go to Plugins -> Add New and click the Upload link. Select the file and upload.

The widget will be available to use in any theme that supports widgets. You can customize the appearance via the plugin’s included CSS file.

iPhone Daily Create Reminder

Created by John Johnston, this web URL can be saved as a bookmark to an iPhone home screen. It presents the five most recent Daily Creates as a reminder of the assignment, and shows to the things that have been submitted.

To add to your iPhone, visit and under the share options (icon with the rectangle and the arrow), click Add to Home Screen.

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5card tdc

Five Card Flickr Story

Create a visual story out of five randomly dealt images taken from the pool of Daily Create media uploaded to flickr. Designed by Alan Levine, this site is modeled after Scott McCLoud’s Five Card Nancy game.

In five rounds, you are dealt 5 random photos tagged dailycreate in flickr. In each round, you pick one new photo to add to your “hand” at by the end you have to unite them into a story.

Try playing a round now or browse the stories others have created.