Like many other modern web sites, we consider The Daily Create a perpetual beta, which means we can’t always promise things will work 100%. As we run into issues and resolve them we’ll try to address the more common ones here. If you are having a problem with TDC check these questions. If not answered please use the feedback form on this page to get in touch with us and we’ll figure it out for you!

Do I need to register on this site or ds106 in order to participate at The Daily Create?

Nope, each assignment only requires that you upload your media to the specified website (Flickr, SoundCloud, etc) and use the appropriate tag there and it will feed in.

I forgot to do yesterday’s assignment and now it’s not on the homepage. Can I still do it?

Totally. A chronological archive of all assignments is available and we now list past assignments grouped by type (Photography, Drawing, Audio, Video, and Writing) under the Explore menu.

I uploaded a photo to Flickr it hasn’t appeared. What did I do wrong?

There can be a number of reasons for this. If you just uploaded it first give it at least an hour to show up on the website. Is your Flickr account fairly new? Until at least 5 photos are uploaded to Flickr nothing will show up in tag searches (see flickr’s documentation on this issue). Also make sure the photo is publicly available. And of course it never hurts to double check that you used the appropriate tag for the assignment.

We have seen a few instances (even our accounts and we use flickr a lot) where our tdc tag is listed “you as the only user using this tag” when you can clearly see that others have used it. This usually clears up magically within 24 hours. Trust and wait. Or try a suggestion offered by John Johnston.

How do I add my audio to a SoundCloud group?

You have to first join the group created for a specific TDC- either follow the link from the assignment or search on the group name, e.g. TDC82. Then you can then add any audio uploaded to that group via the Add to Group button listed on the sound or in your stream.

Do Flickr and SoundCloud cost money?

Both services offer free accounts for users that will allow you to participate with The Daily Create without many restrictions. If you really enjoy the service and wish to upgrade for additional features you are welcome to do that but it is not a necessity for anything we will be doing at TDC.

I uploaded my video to YouTube hours ago and it’s still not on the site!

As unfortunate as it is, it appears YouTube’s tag search takes an incredibly long time for some people to show up. In some cases newer videos may appear here sooner than others. Unfortunately we don’t have any control over this but rest assured after a certain period of time your video will get indexed by YouTube and show up here.

Also, YouTube has completely broken the functionality of tags. They are meaningless. The only way they will show up now is if you include the tag (no spaces) in the title of your video, such as “TDC666 YouTube Your Tags Break My Heart”

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