Through the Mail Slot

We’d love to get your suggestions for new TDC assignments! Here are a few basic guidelines to help you create a great one:

  • Make it the right length. In part because each assignment will be tweeted and is thus limited to ~120 characters, and partly because attention spans are short, aim to make the assignment short and sweet.
  • Consider global audiences with different technical backgrounds. Not everyone participating will celebrate the same national holidays or be comfortable editing in Final Cut Pro.
  • Make it quick. The goal of The Daily Create is to remove the frictions of creating art and being creative. Make sure the assignment can easily be completed in 20 minutes or less to encourage people to participate.
  • Rules and contraints are OK! While this might not seem very progressive, constraints actually help people be more creative.

Add a New Daily Create

  • Your proposed assignment in 121 characters or less (tweet length leaving space for link)
  • Add anything else that will help someone complete this assignment, e.g. link to a web site for images, more specific instructions. Or that will help the editors, we will clean it ip nicely.
  • so we can give you glory and credit
  • Adds your icon and twitter link to your Daily Create. More glory! More fame!
  • In case we need to contact you. Or send you a million dollars left to you by a long lost rich uncle,