It all started when I typed hello….

When did your open web life start? Can you remember what you typed first? Tell us the story.

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“If I Got It I Won’t Spend”

Written by David Mercer (Blindside) on November 17, 2014 12:51 am
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It all started when I typed wassup world.

If I can recall this was the first time I had actually been on Facebook making a post and that’s how I started my Facebook and open web life. No one responded to me and no one liked my post. Now that I think about it I was a little loser. Every time I go back and look at what used to post and how poor my grammar was I chuckle. It was obvious I had some growing up and maturing to do and I’m glad that I was able to.

The embarrassing things I used to think were funny…

Written by Sara T on November 16, 2014 11:31 pm
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…are infinite. And happen to me everyday. I don’t know exactly what my first Facebook post was, but I’m pretty sure it was a Coldplay lyric, probably from The Scientist since I used to imagine myself dancing to that with the *~~love of my life~~~~~*. I looked up my first tweet and it was just something I’d tweeted to a friend when trying to coordinate a time we could talk on the phone together in 2012 (I was a little late on the twitter bandwagon), but then the others were things I thought were funny, like “who writes the instructions on the back of shampoo bottles?”. Yikes.

Dogs love cheese

Written by hope on November 16, 2014 6:34 pm
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My sister, who is 7 years older than me- had an internet presence way before my family really even knew what the internet was. When I was about 9, my family decided that they were going to try out the internet, starting with AOL instant messenger. My sister had convinced everyone that it was a great way to stay in touch and it was something we all do, so the family made a joint account that I shared with my parents. As you might imagine, I used it way more than they did. I got addicted so quickly it’s almost sad. Next thing you know I had a Xanga my parents didn’t know about and I was illegally downloading music with the best of them.
Oh the good old days.

Late Starter

Written by johnjohnston on November 16, 2014 3:50 am
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I was a late starter in using computers, I was in my mid 30s in the middle of the 90s when I got a mac (Preforma 475, 4mb RAM).

It was the magic of HyperCard that got me interested in computers, no network needed but it pointed to endless possibilities.

I didn’t get online for a while after that, but my first community was the wonderful HyperCard mailing list, I subscribe to that before I had the internet at home, carrying my eudora floppy back and forth to a local college. The HC list as friendly and helpful as any online place I’ve been.

By 2002 I had started blogging, first on pitas (http://johnjohnston.pitas) and a home made flash blogging system and so on, I jumped on most of the popular web 2 tools as they came out with some banalities, as shown by this earlier ds106 assignment

I Got Nothin

Written by Thomas Baird on November 16, 2014 1:31 am
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To be honest, and it may sound sad, but as hard as I think I cannot recall my first experience using the web. It is kind of embarrassing considering me being a computer science major. I should’ve been infatuated by the idea, blown away at this eye-opening experience, but I was not. I know how absolutely amazing the web is, and can try to imagine how people felt the first time they used it, but I can’t remember using it for the first time. It may sound sad, but it’s the truth.

Take Me to Your Leader

Written by Cris Crissman @cris2b on November 16, 2014 12:06 am
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“Take me to your leader.” Those were my first words in this strange, new world.

I watched as my avatar appeared in the lobby of a conference center filled with lots of really well-put-together avatars of realistic or fantastical design. Some were even animal avatars, and I felt like I was in the Star Wars cantina.

Finally, someone said/typed “This way,” and I followed him/her/it and the crowd into a huge ballroom where the keynote was about to begin. This was my first virtual conference, and, actually, my first time in Second Life, so I was pretty excited to have made it this far.

Still pretty clumsy at walking and not able to coordinate zooming in at all, I decided to fly to the front of the ballroom so I could get a better look at the speaker and her PowerPoint.

Then everything went blurry, and when I could focus again, I was standing with my nose stuck in a corner. Somehow I managed to zoom back and realized that I was standing in a corner right behind the curtains of the stage. I dared not fly again or I might even land on stage. That would be rude, not to mention embarrassing.

When I realized that standing in the corner and weighing my options to avoid embarrassment had totally immersed me and that I couldn’t have been more engaged in actual life — I was hooked. I was going to enjoy exploring this new world.

Yikes! Hope that Tyrannosaur is friendly!

My First Tweet

Written by Katie Barnes on November 15, 2014 11:45 pm
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My First Tweet:
Was a quote from my boyfriend’s uncle.
“Who the F* would call during the Super Bowl”
I look back at my first tweet and laugh because I remember this moment so clearly.

What is that?

Written by Imran Ahmed on November 15, 2014 11:31 pm
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It all started when I was in Switzerland in 1998. I was two years old that time. I still remember because it was funny, I asked my uncles “What is that?”. I was pointing to the computer. They were laughing and told me it was a computer. I asked them like what was it and what can you do, etc. He told me so many things about the legendary computer.

One night I woke up and went to turn on the computer just to see how it actually was. My uncles taught me how to turn on and stuff beforehand. When I typed in “hello”, I was like amazed I could actually type it. It felt really awesome that it went straight to the screen as I typed “hello”. I saw the computer games my uncle had. I started playing it. I forgot what it was because it was a long time ago and really late at night. I surfed around on the computer too. I kept playing the games for an hour till my mom came and saw me playing. She made me go back to sleep by saying there was a monster somewhere in the living room because I used to be afraid of monsters when I was a little kid.

When I was 3 years old, my older uncle taught me what’s useful about the computer before I moved to America. It was a painful experience for me to move away from my uncles and relatives from Switzerland. Although, my dad had a computer when I arrived so I kept playing since. I as well started typing up some stories a bit as I could. I searched on google a lot. Typing a lot and going on the internet is the best thing I enjoy so far and makes me want to major in computer science.

It’s Just A Fad

Written by Kris Hooks on November 15, 2014 10:02 pm
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I had a co-worker who told me the internet “was just a fad” and the fan fervor would die down soon. That was in late 1995 when I was first venturing out and using things like telnet and Delphi and CompuServe chat rooms you could find by logging onto servers and surfing through lists of “channels” or “rooms” where people were hanging out. These were listed by their titles which were topical, so I headed for the one in which I felt most comfortable typing to strangers I couldn’t see — it was a Star Trek room with two other people sitting in it.

It all started with “Hi”, and “welcome”. People were nicer back then. Their cloaks of anonymity weren’t hardened yet, and everyone was exploring the new digital frontier together. We gave each other helpful advice on upgrading computer components, chatted about our lives, and enjoyed the social concepts of exchanging ideas and opinions with people we would never have encountered in our analog lives. Chatting with new, strange people from all over the globe, how cool and exciting that was in 1995!

Anyway, I’m still waiting for the fervor to die down. It’s just a fad.

It all started when I typed hello….

Written by Melinda Albrycht, @malbrycht7, on November 15, 2014 9:57 pm
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I know that this will show my age, but, when I was a teen, it was super fun to type: 10 type “Melinda loves “boyfriend””, 20 run.. and laugh when the computer screen filled up with Melinda loves boyfriend over and over… Other than this, computers really had no purpose for me. There was no social media. We talked face to face. Gossip was done over coffee or on the phone. Pictures were picked up at a photography store or kiosk and you created photo albums to share with friends. Then… it happened.. Windows entered the picture and then a communication tool called “AOL- America On Line” entered the picture. Chat rooms were available. Email to send messages instantly to others. (Just make sure that you click the button to show the line busy so you won’t get kicked off AOL by the phone ringing!) Dial-up was the only source of getting online.. There was such an explosion that everyone had to have an email address! We even paid $19.95 a month to have AOL access. There were no services that had fast internet service. There was also no Wi-fi. No one even had smartphones. We got our first cellphones for phone calls. There was no such thing as a smartphone! To think back now, I cannot even imagine living without my smartphone, my iPad, fast internet, and wi-fi! To think that it all started the first time that I typed hello in a chat room on AOL….

Oh Runescape

Written by Rachel on November 15, 2014 9:49 pm
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My first real venture onto the web, without much supervision was back in the days of Runescape. There was vast communication among players all over the country and probably the world. No one was good enough unless they were level 70 or higher: noobs, noobs, noobs.

I use to play this online game with a bunch of friends from my school and it was a way we communicated about random things before any of us had cell phones and texting. We talked about the game, went on quests, talked about homework, our crushes, etc… It was the prime spot for upper elementary and middle school kids. And if you were lucky enough your parents would pay about 4/5 dollars a month for you to be a member and you could venture into numerous different worlds. Runescape was back in the time where kids were still innocent. People were not trying to date you or be creepy; it was just a bunch of kids being competitive and playing a fun game. Back in the good ole days.

Throwback…Sega Dreamcast

Written by @jbrazelt, Jonathan B. on November 15, 2014 7:06 pm
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My first introduction with the web was when I had dial-up internet and the first system which allowed internet was introduced. This was the Sega Dreamcast. I remember creating my first e-mail address. My friends and I during that time figured out a way to play online games on Dreamcast. It was around 1999 or 2000. I was in about 10th grade. This was very innovative for the time because it was the first time a game console was combined with the internet.

It is amazing to see how technology has changed, now we all have the XBOX one and headsets to communicate with people across the globe. I would say this is my most memorable notion of the internet and when I really began to get involved with the web. Social media accounts really did come until way later down the road when I was in my mid 20s and with kids that I started using Facebook and Twitter. Those things did not become popular for me until later.

Hello Web

Written by Danielle Niepokoj on November 15, 2014 6:29 pm
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The first time when i entered the web world I made my first social account with Facebook. It was a long time ago. All of my friends had it so might as well make one too, although my mother did not like this. My first words were “hey, I’m new to facebook” or something similar. My mom was not happy because I went behind her back to do this.


Written by karenatsharon on November 15, 2014 5:11 pm
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When did I start using a computer? 30 years or so ago. Commodore 64 and an Atari. I typed my essays into, it ate them. I played Boulderdash on it. Completely addictive.
When did I start using Google? In 1999.
When did I enter the sharing world? Probably some would say “When I joined Facebook.”
When did I become open? January 2012
What did I write? “Can someone please help me hook up my RSS feed?”
Some guy named CogDog walked me through it.
And here I am.

My first ride on the ds106 bus

Written by @byzantiumbooks on November 15, 2014 4:40 pm
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Way back in the 1990s there was an online educational thingy called Virtual University. Their still around, but not quite the same as the original, free do-it-yourself education they provided. I have vague recollections of taking a couple of courses in psychology-related topics, and interacting in chat rooms with the instructors and fellow students. What I said, I have no idea.

Jump forward to 2013, when I was turned on to the ds106 phenomenon by someone with the unlikely name of Cogdog. Looking back over the Daily Create archives, I think my first writing was on April 20th, when we were asked to write an acrostic poem about our rides. I composed in on my then-new iPad, standing in the lobby where I work, waiting to escort visitors around during an open house event.

My ride

Korean car movivg
Into lane.
Always ready to go

Somewhere new.
One more trip
Until the end of the

There you have it, mandatory typos and all. I’ve always wanted to revise it and clean it up, like many other Daily Creates, but you can’t do that! First thought, best thought, or so they say.

You’re either on the bus or your not. #ds106 #4life

The start of it all

Written by Ryan Lacey on November 15, 2014 3:31 pm
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My web life started a long time ago I was probably in middle school or so. I had learned how to play poker a while ago and was taking my skills online to a website called JetSet Poker. Unfortunately it no longer exists but my younger cousin and I would spend hours on the site playing in tournaments of Texas hold’em with people from around the country having conversations with random people. Of course I would never tell any of these people my real age at that time but going on there was always a fun time. Since then I have gone on to play poker much more with people in person and can’t stand playing online but it is nice to look back at and reminisce.

Beginning of my Open Web Life…

Written by Kevin Le on November 15, 2014 12:42 pm
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I can’t really remember when or what I started my web life with but I believe it all began with me creating a MySpace… yes a MySpace. What a throwback that was huh? Though I didn’t really use it that much, I remember trying to create one and playing around it when I was in 6th or 7th grade. At that point in my life, I didn’t really know what was going on so I just did what I thought was acceptable and eventually just gave up because I was not fully aware of the social media scene just yet. I think this made me more familiar to that scene, as I eventually used whatever I learn from this experience to create my facebook account.

AIM: Aol Instant Messenger

Written by Meredith Fierro on November 15, 2014 11:37 am
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I think my first online presence was an AIM account. I remember always wanting to be in contact with my friends even though I saw them all day during the school year. I just wanted to talk to them 24/7. So one weekend when I was maybe in middle school (6th or 7th grade) my friend and I decided to make an Aol Instant Messenger account. I couldn’t think of a username at the time so my friend picked it for me. Her parents went to Virginia Tech so she picked “hokiemeredith28.” I thought this username was so cool. I think this was my username for pretty much any other webtsite until I went to high school. I remember the funny (or what I thought was funny) away messages. I’ve definitely phased out of AIM but I remember enjoying the freedom I had to chat with my friends when I wanted to.

What a Long, Strange Road Its Been

Written by @sandramardene on November 15, 2014 10:54 am
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I had a 12 pound laptap in 1989.
I started teaching distance classes vie email in 1993.
The internet came online for us in 1995.
In 1996 I was teaching in Lane CC’s computer classroom from a textbook called “Writing in Cyberspace.”
We were on WebCT for online classes in 1997.
What is called Web 2.0 revolutionized the ease of having a personal online presence in about 2002.
Although I experimented wirh a variety of early blogs, the oldest blog I have still running and being viewed a couple hundred times a day is The Mysterious Night Vision Field Journal,
begun in 2008.
I own several domain names today but actively keep for photography, for digital stories, and for DS106.

HE used The Mean Word

Written by @iamTalkyTina on November 15, 2014 9:55 am
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Well, it all started when HE used The Mean Word.

To be fair, he wasn’t the only one that said. But he kept at it and I said stop, but he kept saying it.

Then, I wrote a nice poem for him and he wrote a mean one, and then I wrote a hit song called “Don’t Use The Mean Word.”

After that, it went to The Rumble and that was where he finally learned his lesson. And now he knows what’s good for everyone and so he pretty much stopped (but sometimes needs a reminder of The Rumble) and everyone else is pretty good about it because they know about what happened at the Rumble, plus from my hit song of it.

So that’s how it started. And that’s how I ended it. DUTMW. TDLTMW.

Well, bye, True Friends!!!

Start of my Web life

Written by Kelsy Minnick on November 15, 2014 9:37 am
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My weblife started in 2008 on Facebook which would’ve been when I was almost a freshman in high school. I don’t remember off the top of my head what my very first post was but it was probably about music. :)