Emoji for everyone

Emoji for everyone by the Noun Project

Emoji for everyone by the Noun Project

The awesome Noun Project are doing a collaborative Emoji project.

May be making 20 of your own emoji for a daily create is a little ambitious. The brief requires that your 20 creations include: kiss, love, embarassed, wink, and smile. So, for today’s daily create you only need create 5 emoji. From the brief:

“A character based set uses the same character throughout the set, the only modifier is the emotion the character is expressing. A theme based set is based on a broader theme where each emoji varies in both design and emotion.”

Of course if you are inspired after creating just 5 you might go for the full set of 20 and submit it to the Noun Project for everyone to enjoy forever.

Upload your drawing as a photo to flickr and tag it dailycreate and tdc1044