It’s time to throw it back! Choose your absolute favorite assignment you’ve created in your DS106 lifetime. Write a short paragraph about how you completed the assignment and why you are so proud of it.

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So many great TDCs, too many to mention them all …

Written by Ronald on December 8, 2014 4:23 pm
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By no means could I tell which is my favorite TDC. There were so many, still many I could do because I didn’t do them yet, of many that I would like to re-do.

As mentioned earlier here, I and several other DS106-ers had one big DS106-project this summer:
The Burgeron Trailer Family Meeting.

There were so many wonderful contributions by all contributors … which again triggered others and me to respond with yet another digital contribution.
The family website: http://thebergerons.wordpress.com

I played 2 characters: old Ron Burgeron and his illiged son who’d been given up for adoption: Reginald Righley-Smithe also known as Reggy Burgeron.
Reggy had his own LinkedIn-account: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/reginald-righley-smithe/97/735/639
Even had his own list of academic publications: http://issuu.com/search?q=righley-smithe

The developing story inspired me into making a couple of stories to listen to:
or to read for yourself: http://issuu.com/ron_leunissen/docs/the_scottish_roots_of_roxy_loudrige

You could even test yourself on your knowledge on the Burgeron family: http://iwooweb.umcn.nl/fmw/toetsing/poc/index.html

Of course there was a lot of singing and dancing all around the trailer. The so-called Trailer-song went all around the world with contributing singers: https://soundcloud.com/ronald_l/ds106-trailer-blues-rcmr-25-may-2014

And last but not least there was Ron Burgeron singing about his muse Betty-Lou of Bovine, who never returned his love: https://soundcloud.com/ronald_l/betty-lou-of-bovine-tx


Riffs Sprouting Up Overnight

Written by @Rockylou22 and @Nanalou022 on December 5, 2014 11:49 pm
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How could I possible pick my “absolute favorite assignment” that I’ve created in my DS106 lifetime? First off, we are encouraged, if we don’t like what we are given, to create our own assignments and hopefully share them with others by making a deposit to the project bank. I’ve decided “assignment” doesn’t work for me and am replacing it with “project” for this daily create. But I’d still have a problem narrowing down my choices for a favorite projects.

I could though give a type of DS106 inspired creativity that is my favorite… that would be when we start building off of the DS106 art created by other DS106ers. Riffing off one another’s creations into who knows what universe. It’s even more fun with the various time zones at play. You wake up in the morning with delight at the riffs that sprouted up overnight.

* The DS106 invention, GIFaChrome, is a favorite. I was amazed at the willingness (and amazing creativity I have to say) of others who jumped in to play with me and my “invention”. Even though we held our much anticipated product launch at the end of the Headless ’13 “course”, the GIFaChrome camera and its many variations are still active in the community.

* The ultimate in collaborative DS106 craziness thus far for me has been spending the summer of 2014 over at the Burgeron Trailer on DS106 Stories Lane in Bovine County, TX. Tell me, tell me, who wouldn’t favorite collaboratively weaving a story loosely based on getting ready for a family reunion in celebration of the 100th birthday of the Burgeron Family Matriarch, Nana Lou… I’ve had a blast creating this fictional character’s online digital presence.

The group project started out innocent enough with a few characters in mind and a resident shrink to help us if needed. As the story line evolved a family song, The Burgeron Trailer Blues, was recorded. We found out we had long time resident ghosts as family members (with a dog named Boo), bovine dance instructors and caped crusaders Super Moo & Cowgirl, a mysterious Area DS106 right down the way, flying drones, cow abductions, and a motorcycle time machine… which NanaLou couldn’t resist after Cousin Ron left it laying next to the trailer. She took a joy ride, got lost somewhere in time and missed the whole reunion.

I enjoyed surprising everyone by turning the Burgeron website banner into a GIF and updating it with new relevant images as the story unfolded. While reading our collaborative blog will take a while to follow our story, a family member could catch you up in less than 5 minutes by using the banner as a visual aid. Come join us. There’s always room at the DS106 Burgeron Trailer.


Written by Cris Crissman @cris2b on December 5, 2014 11:46 pm
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Hmmmmm this may be my favorite because it has given me a chance to take a pleasant walk down memory lane. I’ve done quite a few Daily Creates for almost two-and-a-half years (could it be two-and-a-half years???) Yes, since the summer of 2012 for me), but my favorite has to be one of my first, Aug 7, 2012 The Daily Create 212: Make a sock puppet version of a famous movie scene.

I’d only done a few TDCs at that time and this was one of my first videos. iMovie was not yet my friend. It was a great learning experience because my friend and pro videographer Bill played the sock (he really brought that sock to life!) and gave me some pointers on storyboarding the video. We shot the scenes and then I stayed up into the wee hours trying to get iMovie to realize my vision.

It was great fun! And, here’s to lots more.

Stronger Breast Cancer

Written by Imran Ahmed on December 5, 2014 11:42 pm
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Out of the many works I’ve done for ds106, I thought the audio assignment I did dedicated to all the breast cancer patients and survivors was pretty good. I used the song Stronger by Kelly Clarkson and used audio clips of patients and survivors of fighting breast cancer. It was October so I thought why not make this for them? My mom had breast cancer and she fought through it a lot. It was tough for her so I thought why not do it for her. Here’s my blog post I made for her: http://www.iahmed16celtics.net/assignments/audio/dedication-to-my-mom/

An Ode to the Swede

Written by Meredith Fierro on December 5, 2014 9:59 pm
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My all time favorite assignment was the Swede it! It was a video assignment and we were tasked with recreating an episode from the Wire. We also got bonus points if we made it in a group. So I teamed up with my group from our radio show and we got right to it. We decided to recreate season 3 episode 11, which was a really pivital episode in the whole series. We made the choice to use teddy bears instead of using people, which I thought would add an awesome twist to it! So once we were done filming I sat down and edited the whole thing. I really enjoyed the editing process! I had a lot of fun with this and I think it turned out great! Here is the video:

A How to Video from 2012

Written by @sandramardene on December 5, 2014 8:44 pm
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I have done literally hundreds of Daily Creates–in the 600s, I believe. One of my favorites was a how to video. I incorporated what I was already doing to make the danceable “A Little Taste of India DS 106 Soup, “Sept. 15, 2012.

Collect Learning As You Pass

Written by CogDog on December 5, 2014 5:31 pm
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I have a number of reasons for landing on TDC 846: Design Your Own Board Game About DS106. Prime is that this was one created by David Kernohan’s son Ben, who was 6 at the time I last visited. He loves the Daily Create and lit up when I said we would publish one that he thought of.

This was also one where I severely broke my “do something in 20 minutes tool” as once I decided to redo the Gartner Hyped Game of MOOCopoly it ended up being one I worked to every last detail, including creating Community Chest and Chance cards, and a property deed. It worked well as I found a fantastically useful Photoshop template where every element of the game was its own layer (see the making of MOOCopoly)

The only thing I left off was a dog playing piece.

Because MOOC mocking.

Downton Shabby

Written by Kris Hooks on December 5, 2014 5:19 pm
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Although it was not my most difficult or time-consuming work, I’m most proud of the final result of my Downton Shabby project. I used it to feed into my final project, and in fact it spawned and inspired that final project.

I hunted down the correct font and used it to make a seamless re-imagined logo and I think it turned out quite sharp.


Written by Viv Caruna on December 5, 2014 4:25 pm
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Daily create has provided me with so many learning opportunities that I cannot really think of a favourite. I had never giff’d before, never mastered video editing, but the bit I like the most is playing with sound. I like playing with British Radio sound comedy, or music of a long gone era. This one combines my all time hero’s Laurel and Hardy, which also links me to my home town and the Hythe-Romney-Dymchurch miniature steam railway. L & H visited there and it is has been the location of the annual outing of the L & H Appreciation Society ever since. It could only happen in England.

TDC785 asked us to create a video that connects two scenes. Like all the best ones, they keep you up into the early hours.

Contradictory Tones

Written by Alison Thoet on December 5, 2014 3:30 pm
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This is one of my favorite projects from my work in the class because it is proof that I can make a gif. It may not be the best in the world but it shows that I have learned to do things in this class I never thought I could. I made it by downloading an episode of the Wire into MPEG Streamclip and then taking the couple of second scene I wanted. Then I used the program called GIMP to make the actual gif and write over top. It was a lot of work, but I did it all on my own and that makes me proud of it.

DS106 Domain

Written by Nick Randall on December 5, 2014 2:40 pm
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Basically for this one, I found a nice public domain background and added a special line about DS106. I rather like this one simply because it was simple and rather colorful. It all seemed to really merge together to create a cool background. Another reason I am proud of it is because it just looks cool! I mean seriously, look at those sweet colors.

My Uggie Gif

Written by The DS106 Shrink on December 5, 2014 12:15 pm
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I love the idea of #TBDS!

I have spent the day thinking about my favourite make and why. Well, here it goes:

When I made this gif I was only just starting to get addicted. I had heard people talking about ‘choosing the moment’ to gif and thought I had joined a weird cult…but that is another story.

About the same time we started to try to make gifs with added depth using white stripes. I did not get it and others, like Tina and Tom, tried to help me understand. I never got the stripes, but I got the ‘moment’ thing. I had the idea that I wanted to gif a Jack Russell and the obvious one to gif was Uggie from “The Artist’. I found videos and looked through many scenes to gif. In looking for a moment good for depth, I found the joy at finding just a moment.

Somebody said to me that when you got that moment in a gif you could watch it for ever. I can watch this one forever and others seem to like it too…but then who says no to a free puppy? I worked much harder on other animated gifs but this one is special because I spent a long time trimming the video to get the exact moment when Uggie gets up from the bed. Notable more for what I deleted from the scene than what I kept.

Sweding the Wire

Written by Maggie Stough on December 5, 2014 10:59 am
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I think I am most proud of the swede of The Wire that Jessica and I made as it was a solid week and a half of work. We filmed daily for five days and before that, we had a huge Google doc where we planned everything out. The fact that we took on an hour-long episode and condensed it into something that’s still pretty great is amazing. I love all the little details we put into, like the nametags, the title sequence, and the end credits. It was A LOT of hard work, but it definitely paid off.

Favorite Assignments

Written by Jim Groom on December 5, 2014 10:18 am
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I have created many, many assignments for #ds106. Choosing a favorite would be difficult, and I would probably change it asked the same question next week. But one assignments I really loved is the animated comic book cover design assignment. I knew I wnated to do one, but they can get pretty complex, so I enlisted Tim owens and Alan Levine to help me create the “Free at last” cover of a Hulk comic. One of my favorite assignments I ever did because it was anything but easy, and I learned a ton about Photoshop as a result.