A 15 second create

Draw a 15-second Batman. From our friends at Open Culture,

“You have the ability to create a recognizable Batman because Batman’s basic shape is universally agreed upon, much like that of a car or a cat. Whether you know it or not, you have internalized that basic shape. This alone confers a degree of proficiency.

As proof of that, Barry would ask you to draw him in 15 seconds. A time constraint of that order has no room for fretting and self doubt. Only frenzied scribbling.

It also levels the playing field a bit. At 15 seconds, a novice’s Batman can hold his own against that of a skilled draftsperson.

Try it. Did you get pointy ears? A cape? A mask of some sort? Legs?

I’ll bet you did.”

Upload your photo to flickr and tag it dailycreate and tdc1171