What’s in your pockets?

Write a story about that stuff in your pocket, or bag or whatever you use to carry stuff. hello

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Submitted by Anna Cow

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Right Back Pocket

Written by CannulaT on April 28, 2015 1:53 am
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Right Back Pocket

Written by CannulaT on April 28, 2015 1:47 am
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So much stuff, so little pockets.

Written by Ashley Melvin on April 27, 2015 10:36 pm
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What lies in my pockets?
I am a mom who has tissues, toys, and even snacks in my pockets at all times.
Whenever my son has something that he wants to keep, he puts it into my pockets.
If I loose the stuff or don’t place it in my pocket he throws a fit.
So on one day I could have dirty tissues, crushed crackers and even gummy snacks that are stuck together.
The next day it could be my cell phone, and a juice box. Yes I said juice box.
Who know pockets could fit so much stuff!
When you are a mom your pockets hold no bounds!
When you are a mom your pockets are a safe place for all of your child’s things!
That is what lies in my pockets!

Ventilated Essential Supplies Tunic

Written by @NormWright on April 27, 2015 9:16 pm
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Ventilated Essential Supplies Tunic

I wear a vest. Not a fancy formal vest, but more like a fisherman’s vest. It has 24 pockets with lots of zippers and velcro to hold everything in place. Its like a wearable camera gadget bag, toolkit and lunchbox all in one. The big pocket in the back holds a tablet or a small laptop. There’s a pair of little pockets on the front just right for some writing implements or chopsticks. There’s room for spare camera batteries and memory cards, a small flashlight, a multi-tool, headphones, tape measure, comb, nail clippers, nose hair trimmer, small bottle of hand sanitizer, vaseline, spare eyeglasses, matches, notepad, tourniquet, silk ropes, handcuffs and a collapsible umbrella. The big inner pockets can hold a sandwich and a diet Coke, or a can of sardines and a hip flask if you prefer. I have other things in my pockets too, but I can’t mention them. I’ve lost some stuff in my vest and sometimes I find new pockets I didn’t know about before.
I can don it or shed it at a moments notice, so its really no hassle at all. I think its much better than a bat-belt or a cape, but sometimes I like to wear that stuff too.

Medicine Bundles

Written by @sandramarene on April 27, 2015 2:48 pm
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The Daily Create is about “what’s in your pockets?” Or purse, field bag, etc. I like the symbolic image of the bolsa, the pouch as a seed place–testicles or womb where hidden things whisper to life in the dark…

This project kind of got out of control and is now an illustrated blog post at:

See you there–I look forward to your comment!


The nose knows

Written by byzantiumbooks on April 27, 2015 12:20 pm
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I stuck my head into my pocket to see what I could see.
What did I find but my eyes looking back at me!

Next to those eyes were ears trying to hear
So I asked them “do you hear what I hear?”

Not the eyes nor ears, but the mouth said “those
other parts separate me from my nose.”

So, the nose at the center of my face that I saw
in my pocket, because it had been blown it was raw.

I did not see anyone but me in this pocket of mine.
But if you come across such a crazy scene, it would be fine.


Written by Ronald_2008 on April 27, 2015 6:01 am
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I reached into my pockets, wanting to see what’s in them, because … well, no real reason, it just happened that the daily create assigned this to me to do.

So I dough into my pocket and found a tissue.
And, another tissue.

I wondered what emotions this tissue must gone through since it looked really worn.

I tried to refresh my memory, how long did I have this tissue in my pocket?
What happened since that made me reaching out to my tissue for support?

Then I remembered.
Luckily I had a fresh tissue in my other hand, and used it immediately.