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A random act of kindness, that is. Come up with a random act of kindness, do it and tell us the story. All in one day. We are demanding here at the daily create!

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Written by Kate Robertson on June 11, 2015 11:05 pm
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One place that my mom and I enjoy going to on a regular basis is our local drive in “restaurant” sonic. One of our favorite car hops recently was pregnant. She has since had the baby and is back at work. Some days my mom and I hope that we get her as our car hop just to talk and speak with her for a bit. Many people at sonics do not tip, but we now find enjoyment out of tipping them (particularly her) extra just to try to make her day!! By making her day, we make our days better. Today, all she could do was smile and say thank you.

Random Act of Introduction

Written by Bill Calhoun @wmhcalhoun on June 11, 2015 9:15 pm
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I just finished editing a small collection of vignettes that my wife had written over the last two days. They weren’t terribly long, but editing is intense work, and I was hoping to put her off for a few more days.

I’m a little freaked out that my grad school course just started, and I have to get this first assignment done tonight, and I still have to email my marching band about the weekend’s gig. I email an elaborate note called the marching orders, with directions and times and a weather forecast. Saturday’s parade is one of the biggies of the season.

And I’m still working at my high school full-time. The seniors are gone, but I’m trying to get the juniors out in one piece. They gave me room coverage today, which ate up my free time. I’m giving a workshop next week to the other teachers about an Excel file I programmed for dealing with some state-mandated testing, so I’m trying to prep for that. Everyone is grateful for the file I created, but no one understands Excel.

My piano-tuning customers haven’t heard from me in weeks, they’re starting to get ornery, but they’ll have to wait. July is around the corner.

So I wasn’t feeling especially generous with my time when I got home tonight. I know, my wife makes me dinner and everything. Please, Please, she pleads, edit my pieces. They’re sitting as drafts in her blog, waiting for the Publish button.

Random act of kindness. What does random mean? My wife isn’t a stranger, editing her stuff is part of the matrimonial give-and-take. Of course I’m always kind to her. My daily routine isn’t exactly spontaneous. I guess it’s that I gave in. I relented. I listened to the god who says Come on, what the hell is so important? I refused to be reluctant, but instead gladly gave of my time, gave in to generosity. I do love her writing. I love her. So does this count?

It’s still polite to hold a door open for someone

Written by Amelia Jackson on June 11, 2015 4:42 pm
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Anywhere you go there will be doors, so why not be polite and see if someone is close behind you or that could really use a helping hand with a door?

It only take a few seconds to hold the door for someone to pass through, but time and time again I witness people rushing through a door, when there was another person that really could have had an easier time getting through the door with that persons help.

My mother raised me to be courteous and holding a door open for another, definitely falls into this category. I will always check my surroundings when I’m about to go through a door and hold it open for someone behind me or if they are going in the opposite direction step out of their way and let them come through before I enter.

Today at lunch, my sister and I were leaving a restaurant and noticed an older couple a few steps behind us, one of which was using a cane. My sister held the first door, while I moved to the second to hold it open as well. Such a simple act of kindness, but it put smiles on their faces. Little things often mean more to others than you think.

No, but maybe, not sure….

Written by Viv Caruna on June 11, 2015 4:13 pm
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No. Isn’t that terrible. I can’t remember the type of random act of kindness that gives you a warm glow. Of course I’m generally nice to humans and spaniels all the time, but cannot think of a single thing.

Mind you today when the UK announced its annual national teaching fellows award, and my own university failed to notice the tremendous work of 2 of my colleagues, I did send an email round. Not so much as a random act of kindness as stupidity probably.

A Random Act of Kindness – Daily Create

Written by @edwyer10 on June 11, 2015 12:05 pm
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Today I decided to make breakfast for my boyfriend and our two friends visiting from out of town. Once everyone was up I made coffee, chocolate chip pancakes, and bacon (in the oven which is the best in my opinion).

Making breakfast may not seem like a big “random act of kindness”, but it is for someone like myself who never cooks and does not enjoy cooking.

Both my boyfriend and our friends visiting from out of town were very appreciative!