An experience with…

nature, a baby, a bee, just sitting, or any ‘experience with’ that comes to mind.

Think about it for 5 minutes, write 50 words non-stop. You can repeat this loop a few times, with the same experience or a new one.

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Experience with Paper

Written by Wattpad: Darkiez. (PDM) on May 18, 2016 12:22 am
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If she liked the way the papers piled.
Then maybe she’d be paper weighed.
For now shes paperless.
Too late and they won’t accept the paper trade.
Paper F’s
And Paper A’s
Her life was written on a paper page.
A new story on the local news paper.
All she had was a taper and a lighter.
To set her dreams to flames.
Controlled by the Paper raids.

If only we could be paper less
Without all the deadlines.

Life and Death

Written by Heather on March 29, 2016 2:18 pm
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Life to me is very short and to explain that to someone can be difficult. I have just lost my dad this past October and my life has not been the same since. I am trying to find my new normal. What will be my new Normal? That is a very good question. For the last few years my life revolved around my schooling, my daughter and around my dad’s cancer and his doctors appointments. I would hurry and get my homework done so that I could he my dad if he needed it. I knew that my time with my dad was limited. I wanted to spend as much time with as I could. I never knew when his six months would be up. The Doctors would always give him six months to live. He would prove the Doctors wrong. He lived his life on his own terms. There would be time when I thought that I would find him dead under a car or down at the range. He did die at home which is what he wanted. So now we are on the clean up mission. My dad never threw anything away. We now have a long process ahead of us, but I know that we will get it done. It will take time. I still find myself lost at times. I still wait for my dad to call me and ask what am I doing and can I come down and help him.