Combine Three Great Past Leaders into One- Who is it and what are their combined characteristics?

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John Brock, the Last Leader

Written by @MrSockMonkeyHat on July 4, 2013 12:57 pm
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JFK, because he said that man should go to the moon, and he made it happen because he had a vision. And, his initials remind me of KFC.

Isaac Brock, who led the British forces during the War of 1812.

Aang the Avatar, from the Last Airbender. Aang learns from all of his past lives, and he always overcomes all of his problems.

Stewart Stu Stewart

Written by @aforgrave on July 4, 2013 10:49 am
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Man! I will admit that I struggled with this one, reading all of the good combos that other people came up with and trying to find a combination of leaders that would work for me.

In the end, moments after the NEXT #tdc was posted (and yet another challenging TDC), I decided to just throw caution to the wind and go with Stewart Stu Stewart.

So the first name in this comes from Stewart Brand, whose Whole Earth Catalog was an amazing pre-web mashup of a gazillion different things in my house when I was a young kid. I don’t really know by which path it came into our home, but I do remember spending hours upon hours spent browsing, reading, browsing, re-reading, going back and back to it — fascinated by all the different topics that had been assembled. Fast forward a few decades, and I again encountered Stewart Brand through his work with the Long Now Foundation (likely through author Neal Stephenson), and browsing his Wikipedia bio this morning, see that he was there with Douglas Englebart at the Mother of all Demos.

The last name in this comes from Patrick Stewart, whose starship captain Jean-Luc Picard truly seemed to be everything that was exemplary in a leader when I first started watching the series in the early nineties. I recall noting how the series showed Stewart’s character modelling collaborative decision making — with folks sitting around the briefing room table providing their input, informing the process. I think a good deal of the subsequent characterizations of starship captains in the successive series took their contemplatetive natures from Stewart’s characterization of Picard. Plus, he was knighted, like Jony Ives.

The middle name? Stu? Well, that I will take from my various rabbits (living, and puppet) that accompanied me in my teens and helped to lead me on my early work as a magician. For seven years through secondary school and the first couple years of university, a good deal of my self-directed energies were tied to that interest-turned-pasttime. And that, in turn, gave me a good reason to be playing with Letraset and design over thirty-five years ago, before I bumped into ds106.

Hence, I give you, Stewart Stu Stewart.

Sir Michael Robinson-Thatcher

Written by dkernohan on July 4, 2013 10:32 am
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Sir Michael Barber – for his premium grade edu-nonsense, and ability to reduce anything to a set of measurable targets.
Sir Ken Robinson – for bending the idea of creativity to encompass (another) attack on educators
Lady Margaret Thatcher – for providing the underlying ideology that supports them both.

All three honoured by our Queen, too. Thanks Ma’am.

Las Tin Scooby

Written by CogDog on July 4, 2013 10:19 am
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The world has gone to the dogs, humans, so its up to the leader dogs to help right things. You have had you chance, move it on over.

Lassie of course is in the mix for her charisma, endless devotion (how many times does she have to save timmmmy boy from the well?) plus she has world wide recognition.

Rin Tin Tin is the elder statesman of dogs that help, rescue, etc. Can you name a more reliable, loyal, friend to humans?

And damnit we need some humor in the mix, that’s where Scooby Doo comes in.

Hazel Finch Targaryen

Written by Melanie B. @indieschoollib on July 3, 2013 11:28 pm
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Hazel is a leader not because she inherited her position through bloodlines, connections, or wealth, but because she has lived life. Hazel’s confidence is a result of failures, successes, and observations. She is not afraid to seek council from those around her. She’s well-read, which practically makes her an expert on human nature. Hazel is charming, funny, and fair. She’s strong (both physically and mentally), moral, and principled. Hazel observes, listens, and then acts. Sometimes action is a result of honed instincts. Sometimes action is a result of understanding the individuals and cultures around her. Hazel knows that her success as a leader is a result of her trusted council, challenges from her PLN, and conversations with the community. Also, she has mother effing dragons.

Leaders chosen:
Atticus Finch from TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD
Daenerys Targaryen from GAME OF THRONES series

Margaret Sagan Jobs

Written by Cris Crissman @Cris2B on July 3, 2013 11:12 pm
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A great leader we need today would be Margaret Sagan Jobs — a combo of Margaret Mead, Carl Sagan, and Steve Jobs.

Margaret Mead for her appreciation of diverse cultures and empathy for others far different from herself.

Carl Sagan for his grasp of the universe, our place in it, and how we can save our planet.

And Steve Jobs whose sense of design and business acumen would not only save the world’s economy but make it a much more appealing place to live.

Leadership at 20,000 feet

Written by phb256 on July 3, 2013 7:41 pm
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I would combine Captain James Tiberius Kirk, with his ability to be decisive under pressure, Sergeant Thomas Jefferson “T. J.” Hooker, who can protect and serve and handle a gun, and Commander Buck Murdock, who manages safe landings, and make Bob Wilson, who single-handedly keeps the skies safe from gremlins.

Jim-Alan McKenna: A Passionate Educator with Purpose

Written by Brian Metcalfe @bkmetcalfe on July 3, 2013 6:40 pm
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The three great past educational leaders in DS106 that I have chosen to pay tribute to are: Jim Groom, Alan Levine, and Linda McKenna.

Jim Groom patiently supported and encouraged me when I first ventured into this unique DS106 learning adventure. Jim’s online presentations and communication style captured my imagination. Having been an educator in the K-12 environment for 40 years, I was amazed at this new, free, and engaging learning experience that Jim created and fostered.

Alan Levine’s innovative blog posts and frequent tweets demonstrated how a passionate educator could motivate students and help them network to support one another. His “behind the scenes” work on improving the aggregation and display of the DS106 web site, as well as creating the #ETMOOC learning environment, are a legacy which will continue to foster creativity and sharing.

As my third leader, I have chosen Linda McKenna. I’m sure many of you are thinking, “Is Linda a faculty member of the University of Mary Washington?” No … “linda3dots” was, in fact, an amazing DS106 student! Although she admitted to being somewhat intimidated by the technology and the capabilities of her DS106 class-mates (many, who were half her age), she continually demonstrated her eye for design and creative flair! Not only did she set the bar high with her inspiring projects, she willingly shared her knowledge journey and amazing ideas with everyone!

It seems fitting that these three individuals should combine their talents into a master teacher of the 21st century. All three were helpful and supported me while offering tips, resources, and encouragement. Their combined skill-set helped move me from my comfortable, traditional, teacher-centric classroom perspective to the more important student-centric learning environment of the future. Perhaps, best of all, they modelled what all teachers today should become … namely life-long learners.

Take care & keep smiling :-)

(Rusty) Finnegan Lamb Chop Brains

Written by @iamTalkyTina on July 3, 2013 5:49 pm
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(Rusty) Finnegan Lamb Chop Brains

So I think that if I were combining Three Great Past Leaders into One then I would make Finnegan Lamb Chop Brains. I know it sounds kind of like some kind of Scottish meat food, or maybe some kind of alcoholic kind of drink, but those are just coincidences.

This connection is made from Three Great Past Leaders in the Puppet World, Finnegan, Lamb Chop, and Brains. Then I added one more, Rusty, and if that is a problem then you just tell them I said it can be an adjective, bub.

So First I chose Finnegan the Dog, from Casey and Finnegan on Mr. Dress-Up. Even though Casey was the star puppet and Finnegan was just the Dog of Casey, I chose Finnegan over Casey because it was not very clear if Casey was a Boy Puppet or a Girl Puppet (and the Internet is no help) and also besides who ever heard of a girl named Finnegan. So I picked Finnegan for always being loyal to Casey and for the characteristic of being quiet. Finnegan never talked and always nodded yes to Casey even when Casey was asking a question. So number one is Finnegan the Dog for loyal and quiet nodding. k

Next, let’s go back to Rusty, because it was on TV before the other show. Rusty the Rooster was from The Friendly Giant, and it is good that that Giant was Friendly and did not scare all the little kids with his big boot. But the really great thing was that he had lots of Friends! He had True Friends like Rusty the Rooster and Jerome the Giraffe and then there were sometimes racoons and other creatures that played the recorder like Friendly did. Jerome did not play an instrument but he just danced in the window. But Rusty the Rooster was good because besides having books and other instruments in his bag, he had HIS instrument which was an accordion. Who ever heard of a puppet Rooster playing an accordion? See? That is pretty special and so that makes a good choice for my choice.

Second, I choose Lamb Chop, for two reasons. One, because she was the friend of a Girl Puppeteer (equal opportunity and all), and two, because I thought that the Girl Puppeteer’s father was a famous puppeteer called Edgar Bergen with Charlie McArthie and Mortimer Snerd so I thought I would get lots of puppet and puppeteer genealogy in this paragraph by picking her. However, that is not true, that was Candice Bergen, who didn’t do puppets. But it still works well with the Scottish Food Joke, so I will leave it in. I don’t know much about Lamb Chop but I saw her on the Muppets once, which is more puppets, and I think Candice Bergen was on the Muppets two, so that is one less degree of separation, so I think I’m covered on that one.

Third, I choose Brains from the science fiction puppet show, The Thunderbirds. Why? Because he is super smart and on the Thunderbirds which was an amazing cool puppet show from the sixties with rockets and amazing special effects (just ignore the strings) that had a lot of other wonderful shows after it like UFO and Space 1999 which were cool shows that came after later in the seventies.

So if you put them all together, you get Rusty Finnegan Lamb Chop Brains, which you could eat OR drink, is loyal and quiet, plays the accordion with books and recorders in a bag, employs some puppeteers of both genders plus has good lineage (or almost), and is Smart with Brains.

For all of those reasons Rusty Finnegan Lamb Chop Brains is my choice.


Written by Stephen Downes on July 3, 2013 2:13 pm
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Socrates, Plato and Aristotle – all were of course Greek philosophers, and all have a philosophy of seeking the ideal or abstract (goodness, form, syllogism respectively) as opposed to the Sophist or Protagorean school where ‘man is the measure of all things’. Combined they are a force that obliterates all other schools of thought or world views, developing philosophy as the basis for action rather than argument and reflection – hence creating the person who is a ‘philogoer’ – a seeker of action, as opposed to a seeker of wisdom.

Famous philogoers though history (all followers of the original thought of Soplatari) include: Newton (famous for demonstrating gravity by dropping a bucket of apples on the King’s taxman, Pascal (famous for wagering on Descates races), Hume (famous billiards champion), Kant (created and ruled the noumenal kingdom with an iron fist for 60 years), Hegel (discovered fusion), Marx (discovered fission), Russell (determined that the measurement of every thing on earth was wrong by 5 percent), Wittgenstein (devised an entirely new language completely based on the language currently in use, and replaced the existing language with the new language, a feat that was not discovered until Nelson Goodman couldn’t locate ‘grue’ in the dictionary), Quine (in a famous partnership with Cristo, wrapped eastern Europe with a web), and Fodor (arrested and imprisoned for surgically implanting chips containing Microsoft Encarta into the brains of sleeping infants).

Peter Paul and Mary

Written by Bill Smith @byzantiumbooks on July 3, 2013 1:02 pm
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Peter Paul and Mary

Peter: the close follower of Jesus, who was always the first to volunteer, first to step out of the boat, first to speak up. But, when Jesus was arrested and faced crucifixion, Peter was the first to deny any involvement with Jesus. Afterwards, Peter was an organizational leader.

Paul: the leading opponent, prosecutor, and persecutor of the followers of Jesus once he was crucified. But after an eye-opening experience, Paul was equally active in organizing new groups of believers and stood in opposition to the government.

Mary: not Jesus’ mother, but the other Mary mentioned several times, the one who sat and listened to Jesus in quiet contemplation, the one who wept at the death of her brother Lazarus (Jesus also wept).

Taken together, a Peter Paul Mary person would be a true believer conflicted with human ambition and cares, a passionate leader and organizer willing to change positions when shown to be wrong, and thoughtfully emotional in action and expression.

Barney, Road Runner, and Underdog

Written by Todd Conaway on July 3, 2013 12:58 pm
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Barney is a faithful friend. He helps out when needed and is always there for Fred. He is a good leader because he is a good example of servant leadership. He follows faithfully, but is willing to disagree when needed.

The Road Runner is a leader because he is fast.

And Underdog is a good leader because he is, well, the underdog and everyone is on his side.

Eleanor Clinton-Stowe for President 2016!

Written by Sandy Brown Jensen on July 3, 2013 12:27 pm
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In 2016, I dream of electing a powerful woman for president: Eleanor Clinton-Stowe. She will use the tea bag as her personal iconography, but it will have a totally different meaning than the sad ol bad ol soggy ol Tea Bag Party of yore.

First of all, like Hillary Clinton, she will show what she’s willing to fight for when she’ll even fight her friends, as Clinton did in her memorable battle with Barack Obama for the presidential nomination. That fight made her stronger, and she went on to become Obama’s exemplary Secretary of State.

Like Harriet Beecher Stowe, American abolitionist and author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Madame President will never give up on her liberal agenda, for she will know that is just the place and time the tide will turn.

We will know this new president by a sign in the sky set forth by Eleanor Roosevelt, who said, “A woman is like a tea bag; you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.”