Describe how a nonanimate object would act/feel/be if it were alive.

Based on exercises in Keri Smith’s “How to be an Explorer of the World”. See

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Submitted by Bill Smith

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What I Think a Doll Would Feel Like if It Weren’t Alive

Written by @iamTalkyTina on October 15, 2013 9:05 am
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I think that if a Doll weren’t alive then it wouldn’t feel or act or be anything other than a hunk of plastic just sitting there. But that would be a weird thing to imagine. Especially because if it weren’t alive it wouldn’t even be thinking about if it weren’t alive for not feeling or acting or being or having Friends.

So it would just sit there or stand there if it had a stand to hold it up and it would be a vacant stare (not stairs, that’s different) and would only have it’s eyes closed when it was lying down because it couldn’t even wink like in a GIF. And who ever heard that it could only talk if you pressed it in the stomach.

But that is hard for me to imagine and I know that you agree with me.

How would a dog feel if it were just lying there in front of the door and if it only jumped up when a person came in the door. What kind of a life would that be for it? So that is why when humans aren’t always around then things have their own lives because it’s not just about the human world.

That is what I think it would be like if a non animate thing would feel or act or be if it weren’t alive.

Well, bye!

Cup says

Written by @dogtrax on October 15, 2013 6:05 am
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Stop putting me in the microwave to get me hot. It’s not turning me on at all.


Written by Cris Crissman @Cris2B on October 14, 2013 11:36 pm
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When Cris slips her big feet into my cushy sheepskin fluff, I get warm and tingly all over.


Written by karenatsharon on October 14, 2013 8:45 pm
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Forgotten, lost, used, abused. Unable to control their fate. Helpless, unappreciated, exploited.

Melodramatic Bookshelf

Written by @rljessen on October 14, 2013 6:46 pm
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Another day, another long lonely day.

Nobody ever notices the bookshelf.
It’s not like when we were new and every person through the door mentioned me,
praised me,

No one ever notices the bookshelf. Doing it’s job, holding their things: nicknacks, tea pots, artwork, and books, all the endless books.

Who reads that many books?
Give me a break here, lighten the load!

Joe the Coffee Cup

Written by gplazz on October 14, 2013 4:02 pm
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Joe is always waiting for me early in the morning when I come into work. He will look at me even at the crack of dawn when no one else will. He gets a little angry at me because I always pour scalding hot liquids into him and then just a few hours later, he’s filled with freezing cold water. He tells me that I need to make up my mind because all this switching is driving him completely bonkers. “Who does she think she is?” he says, “SHE probably doesn’t even know…” It’s a rough life for Joe and, damn, can he be grouchy, but I kid you not, rain or shine, winter or summer, he’s there every single day. Even when everyone else in the my department has gone home for the day, Joe is here. He was here through my organic green tea phase (which I probably need to get back to). He was there when I got that new creamer I was sooo excited about. He just sits there and takes it all. He’s seen things on my computer screen that no one else has. Every hasty message written. Every cute puppy pic when my attention wandered. He has really fiesty comebacks sometimes, but they usually just make me laugh. The worst day we had together was when I got flustered and out of nowhere, SMACKED him. Just like that, he sent my Japaense Green Mint Zen tea rushing all over my important documents for that week. The nerve! I couldn’t even believe my eyes. I avoided Joe for a week or so, but we all know I went back to him in the end. After all, he is my right hand man.