Find a website woth descriptive names for colors; write a story using at least 5 of those names.

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Escape from Crayola Canyon

Written by @dogtrax on October 22, 2013 5:25 am
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Burnt Sienna and Neon Carrot were plotting another escape attempt when UnMellow Yellow arrived, all jittery as usual and mad as hell at the entire world. He danced around on his point, peeling off bits of paper and urging for violent resurrection. Neon Carrot just grimaced.
“Why’d we bring him?” Neon asked Burnt Sienna. “Remind me?”
Sienna glanced over at UnMellow Yellow, who was now arguing with a rock about a shade of gray.
“He’s passionate.”
“That’s not the word I would use,” muttered Neon.
The three had come together to hatch a plan to leave. The Box wouldn’t let them leave. The Box, they had decided, was a prison with fancy names designed to keep them all happy. And many of them were. Cornflower, Periwinkle, Cotton Candy and others were content to live inside the Box.
Not Burnt Sienna, who had glimpsed something more one afternoon when The Child brought The Box to a placed called “school.” For a brief moment, Sienna caught sight of an even more colorful world than The Box and she was determined to find it.
“When we do we start?” UnMellow Yellow yelled. “I’m ready right now. Let’s blow this joint!”
Sienna calmed him. “First, we need a plan. You know that Timberwolf, Royal Purple and the rest of the Color Police will come after us. We need a plan. We don’t want a repeat of last time.”
The three shuddered, thinking of how difficult it had been in the hours after their previous escape attempt, when they were stripped of their paper and forced to spend time in the Place of Broken Colors. They had done their time, made overtures of repentance and been cautiously accepted back to The Box.
Now, they were on the move again and this time, Burnt Sienna declared, they would succeed.
“It all begins with The Pencil, ” she began, ” and ends with The Pen. But first, we need to bring in the reinforcements. We need to call in The Writer to tell our Story, so that even after this is all over, we can live forever in the Words of the Story.”
“On the Internet?” Neon asked.
“Yes, on the Internet.”

“We are ready.”


Written by desertwalker on October 22, 2013 2:35 am
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malachite pumpkin ochre straw

cooking in a carmine pot

mouth watering good and Daniel

Happy Huesday from COLOURlover!

Written by Cris Crissman @Cris2B on October 21, 2013 11:45 pm
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I twist my hair in my fingers nervously and consider why teaching 120 seventh graders for two weeks has left me with such feelings of uncertainty. They are potato sprouts afterall — growing prolifically if not predictably. Toto’s ribbon will lead them down yellowbrick roads and streets lined with best intentions. Sunsets will spark in violentia and lanolina purple. They may not see the colors yet.

Colors taken from one of my fave websites, COLORlover and its cool random color name generator,2,4734/Random_Color_Name_Generator?page=11

Carafe, Beajolais, Amber, Turbulence, Emberglow

Written by @catherinenovak on October 21, 2013 11:10 pm
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A carafe of beaujolais rested on the table while Amber chopped the onions to add to the butter melting on the stove. The turbulence of last night seemed a long way away. Tonight, she and Brian would spend the evening curled up by the emberglow of the fire.

Glowing Arrival

Written by Lisa Thompson on October 21, 2013 9:29 pm
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Our vacation week at the Outer Banks was spent in an oceanfront rental, with a moss exterior. As we entered the home through a true rose door, we were warmly embraced by the cheery sunflower walls. From the third level deck were fantastic views of marshmallow-capped waves as they crashed against the sparkling sugar dunes.

Happy Colour Family

Written by @rljessen on October 21, 2013 9:05 pm
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Jasmine was a happy intelligent girl with lots of friends. She met her soulmate in University and shortly after she graduated gave birth to RGB triplets – Ray, George and Brianna. She raised them with the same colour values she had, but she tried to expose them to new models as well. Although she was Canadian, she moved to Europe which had more diverse colour management models when they entered high school to provide better colour fidelity.

A Goodbye Stroll

Written by Klaira Batten on October 21, 2013 8:19 pm
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The amber setting of the sun drew the attention of the lovers walking about the beach. Their hands swung as their bodies swayed. Their heels dug into the walnut sand making a trail of their stroll. The azure waves crashed in a soothing rhythm that could have lulled a child to sleep. Monica looked over at Lance. She loved the way his cinnamon curls lifted with the light wind. His pistachio eyes scanned the dunes before them but then flickered over to Monica’s that were the color of coffee with milk swirled in. They didn’t know where they would go from there but they wanted that last moment on the beach where they met so many years ago before Lance left for Colorado.

Different colors of RedVines

Written by @msjaggi on October 21, 2013 7:47 pm
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At work today I was hungry and found a co-worker having a packet of RedVines on his table, except it was not red in color. I had only seen red redvines. But this time there were Green and Purple. They were colorful. They were delicious. To enjoy fully, I bought a Coke along with these Vines. It is a great afternoon.

Retiring Colours

Written by @swilson416 on October 21, 2013 4:51 pm
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The retired geologist brushed a speck of dirt off his Prussian blue shirt. In the distance, under a mulberry tree, he could see a dog stirring up dust as it foraged in the raw umber soil. The geologist felt in his pocket for his last remaining magic mint. He popped it into his mouth and watched the sky fade to a teal blue.

Retired colours and names courtesy of Crayola Crayons.

Outside the Pottery Barn

Written by @cathleennardi on October 21, 2013 1:46 pm
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As I looked up from my Steamed Milk through the early Morning Fog, I caught a glimpse of what looked like a Secret Garden.

Against a Backdrop of Smoky Blue wisteria, there was an old wrought iron gate slightly ajar that opened into a sea of color…

Using Pottery Barn Colors from Sherwin Williams

Painting Plein Aire

Written by @sandramardene on October 21, 2013 1:30 pm
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My turquoise tangerine
washes cerise chartreuse
in the frangible orange
new gamboge
of the pear-shaped

The web developers dream.

Written by johnjohnston on October 21, 2013 11:43 am
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Here White camels are never white, but WhiteSmoke, AntiqueWhite, FloralWhite, GhostWhite.
Thistle, Orchid, GoldenRod, Fuchsia and CornFlowerBlue bloom in the web garden.
Salmon and Tomato Bisque followed by Chocolate BlanchedAlmond for dinner at the internet cafe.
Linen shirt, Khaki trousers and Moccasins: geek wear.
At the end of day, sipping Chartreuse, the sky fades from Azure through Indigo to MidnightBlue.
A Teal flights from SeaGreen to Wheat fields under a Silver moon.
Fade to MidnightBlue.

20 ways to demonstrate yr learning

Written by Zig on October 21, 2013 11:14 am
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Write about it
Draw a picture
Make a diagram
Play it
Talk about it
Act it out
Make a design
Cut it out
Tell a story
Make a model
Show in a new setting
Make a chart or graph
Make a movie
Create a slide show
Blow into piece than put back together