Use 10 Random Words in a One Paragraph Story About Cheese

Use List of Random Words to generate 10 of them and make them into a sensible story that would make the state of Wisconsin proud.

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Written by SUMMER on May 7, 2014 5:03 pm
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Written by D'Anndrea Parham on March 11, 2014 7:34 am
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Cheese Blight

Written by @swilson416 on November 11, 2013 10:24 am
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Ronnet sat with his head in his hands. The day had been the most trying one he had experienced since becoming a master cheesemaker five years ago. He almost wished that he had not abandoned his degree in AGNOIOLOGY to make this career change.

When he arrived at work early in the morning, he encountered a SIGNIFICANT SPILLAGE of goat’s milk seeping under the door of the cold room. Upon flinging open the door he was met with the sight of one of the junior employees, ADABEL, DISPASSIONATELY surveying the scene. Only by threatening ELINGUATION was Ronnet able to goad the employee into the action required to clear up the mess.

Later in the morning when checking the CENTAL rounds of cheddar that had been made the previous month, Ronnet discovered their incredible FRIABILITY. Steps would need to be taken immediately to save the cheeses.
Earlier in the week Ronnet had been ecstatic about the BOUNTEOUSNESS of the artisanal company’s output. Now he barely had the strength to mull over what to do about the ALIACENSIS-shaped pock-marks that were appearing on the Stilton.

A murder from cheese?

Written by Dapper Daria on November 11, 2013 7:20 am
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It all began with cheese, that delicious curd. No one really things of cheese as leading towards a murder, but when the person in charge of procuring said cheese is frugal and picks up kraft, things can spiral out of control. Theodore that old curmudgeon, my husband of thirty years, was supposed to bring home the cheese, but after spending all day flickering between work and sleep, he was ready to fall into a crumpled heap on the floor. He was not ready to go buy me dairy products. I’m particular about my cheese, nothing under $20 enters my home, so when he walked in carrying Kraft, America nearly had its first case of defenestration for the year, as I seriously considered the repercussions of throwing his ass out the window. After careful consideration I decided the homicidal rage flowering in the pit of my stomach was ill founded and chose to take out my anger on the real culprit, that financial misfit, Kraft Cheddar Cheese. Pricing in at only $4 for a slab, it set my heart fluttering and my stomach rolling to imagine it in my cheese cave, nestled beside the Gorau Glas and the Bitto, a stark injection of poverty mocking my carefully laid out fridge. Picking up a discarded butcher knife, I fell upon the miscreant, cheese insides flowering out along the table and floors, creating a puff of cheddar, all aimed towards my husbands face. Sneezing, Theodore blushed and stuttered an apology, realizing I think, just how close he had become to being a human parachute.

An ode to cheese

Written by MizKreant on November 11, 2013 3:04 am
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My love for cheese shall not go unavouched!

It flows from my precordial region like the oil from a block of cheddar, increasing in serosity as it melts on my tongue.

Though deedless in its resting state, it is capable of iricising my soul, as I riverdance in anticipation of a bite of creamy brie. But my passion for cheese is so great, it is as if I was a consanguine cousin to a mouse!

I delight in each delectable flavor, from american to zamorano, but if I were to list them all, surely my hand would wilt from cts first.

To attempt to remove it from my diet would be as pointless an exercise as outfighting, a feeling not to be uncommiserated by countless others.

Tonight I will bring a tray of heavenly mozzarella to my philathea and declare cheese to be my new religion!

Cheese Fun-do

Written by Cris Crissman @Cris2B on November 11, 2013 1:23 am
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Tabla Cheesery of Wisconsin may have jumped the shark on this one. To announce its first new cheese in 25 years, a rich Lamellose, the company rented a lighthouse and boated in the press for a huge fandango. All was well and going according to elaborate plans when a bumbling waitstaff person tripped on a tablecloth which caused a aeciospore or chain reaction that ended with the lighthouse fresnel falling from the tower onto the huge cheese wheel which prompted melted. Did I mention that cheese wheel held 250 pounds of cheese? Though the Tabla executives obfuscated the disaster as best they could, the press was hungry for a story and had a field day beginning with the first tweet: Tabla Cheesery’s new cheese perfect for grilled cheese sandwiches. #fiasco Tabla at this point can only hope that there’s a nonrescission clause on their insurance and any antioptimist among them should strive to consider the situation as nontroubling and put a positive spin on it. The story might just be hilarious enough to go viral.

Fred’s Pizza Pie

Written by Ord on November 10, 2013 8:49 pm
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Fred says that cheese is the darling of pizza pies. One variety, two or even three—as long as it’s steamy, stringy and rugged. So what’s your pleasure? Do thoughts of dancing veggies make your stomach sing as you wait for the delivery wagon. Do you have purple pepper flakes to give it that kick that will make your heart blow a whistle. As long as mine’s a circle and not a rectangle (who eats pizza squares), I’m silver.

Cheese at a Random House

Written by @byzantiumbooks on November 10, 2013 6:52 pm
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SUPERIOR cheeses give COMFORT, without showing CURTNESS to the DOWNTRODDEN. The PICARESQUE story of the INSATIABLE rascals showed the need for RENEWAL of a MINION. If you can DECIPHER this paragraph, your brain cheese is FLOURISHING.

Made from the following random word list, as discussed at :

The Pokie Cheesemaker from Murcia

Written by @dogtrax on November 10, 2013 4:41 pm
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Cripes. This pokie cheesemaker is going to be the end of me. You might as well put me into the ground like a crocus or send me off, ferried to some unknown world on a twisting turnpike. He SAYS the cheese needs time and that he is too busy to pay his debt. I SAY I’m hungry now, damn it, and give me the cheese. The other night, when I hit the fivepins to win the bowling game, I was so excited about the cheese that when I went back to my hutted tent, I could barely sleep. Cheese. Glorious cheese. I felt a bit like Wallace, itching for the first bite in the morning. Now I am waiting for him to come back from his neighborhood wardmote in Murcia, where some meeting of the minds is taking place. The only speak Telugu there, for some reason that no one understands, so not only would I not comprehend a thing in the meeting, but I am far too hungry for that anyway. All I can say is that he better get back here soon and he better have an armload of cheese, or else there is going to be trouble in Murcia tonight.