Create a video to assemble media from the last 3 days TDCs into a coherent news story

Over the last 3 days we have built on the work of others to create media related to a mashed up newspaper headline. Now see if you can bring it all together. Find an image from TDC 697, a story someone wrote for that image (TDC 698), and a sound someone created to go with a story (TDC 699), and use them all in a video version of the story.

Upload your video to YouTube with the tags dailycreate and tdc700 (YouTube seems to work best if you also include tdc700 in the video title)

[tubepress mode=”tag” tagValue=”tdc700″ playerLocation=”shadowbox” orderBy=”published” showRelated=”false” ajaxPagination=”false” resultsPerPage=”28″ author=”true” videoBlacklist=””]

Submitted by CogDog