Hindsight Not 20/20. Write New Year’s Resolutions for a historical figure that missed the mark

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Colin Powell WMDs

Written by @lbrooks1980 on January 27, 2014 8:51 pm
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January 1, 2003. As the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Persian Gulf War, I understand the seriousness of the United States going to war with Iraq. I resolve to do all research necessary, regardless of the President’s opinion, to determine if Iraq has developed weapons of mass destruction before moving forward.

Resolutions about Naming Things

Written by Cris Crissman @Cris2B on January 4, 2014 12:28 am
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I will consider names given to potential major educational disruptions a bit more carefully for clarity and aural appeal.
Dave Cormier who came up with MOOCs for Massive Open Online Courses.

I will promote association of my name with a program only after the website works.
Barrack Obama who happily adopted ObamaCare

I will be a bit more original in naming my children.
Kanye West on naming his daughter, North West

January 1, 1980

Written by AstroComfy on January 3, 2014 7:46 pm
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New Year, New Me… This year I resolve to cut back on my drinking. -John Bonham

from the desk of ee cummings

Written by @dogtrax on January 3, 2014 6:57 pm
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not this year
i intend to write no longer in small letters
and instead
my muse of mine
will mount my words on elephants and giraffes
balloons floating into the stars
and maybe even satellites crashing on the moon
and in either case
you can forget punctuation
for i’m saving that one for next

The Resolutions of Richard M. Nixon for 1972

Written by Bill Smith @byzantiumbooks on January 3, 2014 6:34 pm
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I, Richard Nixon, president of the USA, do resolve for 1972:

to run an honest campaign for reelection

to obtain a peace with honor in Vietnam

to show my Quaker heritage in loving my enemies and speaking honestly and plainly

to serve as President, if reelected, for a full second term

to have only honest men and women advise me and serve in my cabinet and as Vice President

to leave a legacy of peace, freedom, racial harmony, and prosperity

to keep my government open, transparent, and free from improper influence.

I will do these things, yes I will.

January 1, 1912

Written by @witchyrichy on January 3, 2014 5:49 pm
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On January 1, 1912, Robert Falcon Scott, South Pole Explorer, records in his journal that his resolution is to beat Roald Amundsen to the South Pole and claim it for England. “I’ll return triumphant,” he writes. On January 17, 1912, Scott and his party reach the Pole only to discover that Amundsen had beaten them and claimed the glory for Norway.

On the return trip, Scott and his four companions died of cold and starvation.

the Swedish Cook

Written by Jaapsoft on January 3, 2014 3:08 pm
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stillickkin øøn dü øøn dwø øøn thrëën,
sësøme strëët not før ådults
jüüste føør the kîddîëës.

A selection

Written by dkernohan on January 3, 2014 1:35 pm
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Anne Boleyn – “Lose weight!”
Tim Berniers-Lee – “Stop messing about with theoretical network models and get back to science”
Ludwig Wittgenstein – “Publish!”
Andrew Ng – “Put opened13 dates in diary and book travel to Utah”
The Woman who lives in the flat underneath mine – “start having more lie-ins”