Dialogue with a task you’ve neglected.

Take an important yet undemanding task that you’ve put off for some time. Personify it however you like and then write a short dialogue where you explain why you’ve neglected it. Go overboard on the drama.

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Submitted by Seth Goodman

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Civvy, the Sensitive Honda Civic

Written by DCyp on January 27, 2014 6:34 am
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Civvy: “Hey Dave, where’ve you been?”

Dave: “You know work, school, life.”

Civvy: “That’s great, any chance you could spare a moment.”

Dave: “I wish I could, but I got lots to do inside, besides it’s getting dark.”

Civvy: “I got some bird poop on me.”

Dave: “Yeah, I noticed. How about if I just shoot at it with some water?”

Civvy: “Nah, it’s already started hardening.”

Dave: “Look, I’ll give you a thorough washing next week.”

Civvy: “That’s what you said last week and the week before.”

Dave: “Well it was raining last week. What would’ve been the point? And the week before that I had that thing I had to do in town. What if I take you to that automatic wash down at the Chevron on Friday night? It’ll be a date!”

Civvy: “Yeah, but they usually don’t get all of the dirt off the sides or the brake dust off the wheels.”

Dave: “Fine. If you’re gonna get picky about it you’re just going to have to wait.”

Civvy “You know what? Forget about it. You don’t even care anyways. Even if you do wash me, my paint will never be the way it was in 2001. Back then you would’ve washed me everyday and we’d go cruising every weekend. Now it’s just to the store and back. Maybe a stop at the gas station if I’m lucky. Why don’t you just sell me already!”

Dave: “Look baby, I’m sorry I haven’t had any time for you. You know how it is. I would never sell you. Even for $1,000 over Bluebook value. This Saturday, me, you, and the hose. I’ll use the good soap and if there’s time I’ll even wax.”

Civvy: “You mean it? Like, really this time?”

Dave: “I promise.”

Civvy: “I love you, Dave”

Dave: “And I love you, Civvy.”

The Science Project

Written by Alexis on January 7, 2014 1:02 pm
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A neglected task, would have to be The 3D cell project. It was due months ago. It wasnt that i didn’t want to do it, it was because i am and was afraid of the outcome. I don’t plan on doing it either. The task is not really hhard, but im not a really creative person. The teacher is willing to help me in class so I think that i will just wait for that opportunity.

The Stink-eye from the Stink Bug

Written by @aruddteacher100 Amy Rudd on January 6, 2014 7:36 am
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The Stink-eye from the Stink Bug
As we woke early this morning, 4:14a.m. to be exact, we heard you buzzin’ ’round, Stink Bug! You have delayed your demise long enough…
Please move to a lower altitude so that I may catch you and release you onto the frozen tundra!

5:26a.m. And you’re still cruising above catching altitude! Come down immediately! If you don’t come down, I’ll be forced to get the fly-swatter and your foul stench will haunt for hours! Maintaining a holding pattern, are we?

6:02a.m. Ahh, plate and cup in hand, you’ve moved to a capture altitude now and I’ll be setting you free into the elements!

Oh, no, the screen door is frozen shut-when plan A fails, plan B begins!
Your demise will come with the watery swirl!


Stop giving me the “stink-eye” Stink Bug!

One more day? No.

Written by @dogtrax on January 6, 2014 6:49 am
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Listen, tree. It’s time.
You’re drooping and spreading yourself all over our floor and even the dog is no longer happy sitting beside you. Your water smells funny.
It’s time.
Just so you know, we’ll undress you slowly (don’t get any ideas) and carefully, and we will be as gentle as we can be before we toss you out into the wilds of our side yard. Next week, I’ll be coaxing you back into the van. Don’t take offense but we’re bringing you to a place of other trees. I don’t know what they will do to you. I don’t want to know.
It’s time.
So, let’s get started ….

List Gets Shorter! Thanks TDC!

Written by Cris Crissman @Cris2B on January 6, 2014 1:07 am
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So, uh, I noticed you’ve not done your Daily Create yet.

No, but I’ve been thinking about it. I’ve thought about it all day as I cleaned out the garage.

You cleaned out the garage today? That wasn’t on your calendar, was it? I mean, a Sunday?

Well, no, but the Daily Create has me dialoguing with a neglected task and the garage was vying for my most neglected so I knocked it off the list.

Any others on the list you might dialogue with?

Hmmm, not pack away holiday decorations because I knocked out that one, too.

So, what’s at the top of your most neglected list now?

Probably cleaning the basement.

Any plans on completing that task.

Not until I get shamed/inspired by the Daily Create again. I’m tired. I think I’ve “exceeded my resource limit” just as the Daily Create website has ;-)

The Daily Create

Written by Holden on January 6, 2014 12:25 am
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STOP. You may not go to sleep. You have not done your Daily Create.

I’m too tired. And I think I’ve used up all my ideas.

Creativity is not “used up.” Creativity is a muscle.

Well, yes, maybe I can start training it tomorrow.

The opposite of creating is destroying.

I wouldn’t quite far. I think the right term is “procrastinating”…

Are you #4life or #4death?

I’m #4life. That’s why I’m going to sleep. Sleep is good for life.

“Do not go softly into that good night.”

Maybe I’ll create something in my dreams.

In that time you spent coming up with excuses, you could have completed The Daily Create.

I just did.

(pause) You call this creating? Putting a few cliches in my mouth?

Nothing is new under the sun. Creativity is the act of combining. Everything is a remix.

Alright, you win. Goodbye… until tomorrow.

School Actually Starts Tomorrow!

Written by @sandramardene on January 5, 2014 9:23 pm
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“Let me out of this suitcase! I can hear the washing machine calling my name!”

“Shut up, new Hawaiian sundresses. Can’t you see I’m making a digital story?”

“We want out! Clean us up! Put us away!”

“You golden sandals aren’t going out in this weather, so what’s the rush? Can’t you see I’m busy dreaming backwards in time?”

“Hey! Dimwatt! Over here! There’s three thousand of us crowded together on this SD card! Any chance of a download in the the Hotel Mac Book Pro any time soon? Just think; you could play with us for hours and never once have to log into your online class!”

“Oh, Photos and Videos of Hawaii, you are very persuasive! Maybe I’ll just help you out…”

“Hello-o-o-! This is Empty Refrigerator over here! How about spending what little money you have left on a few leafy greens for me?”

“Hot tub here! I’m up to temp and lonely after three weeks shut up ion the dark. Surely the grocery shopping can wait…”

“Down here! We’re your cat companions, remember us? You owe us some major cuddle time!”

Nuked Neglect

Written by @witchyrichy on January 5, 2014 3:58 pm
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Are you serious?


You’re just going to grab your coffee and close the door AGAIN?

Look, I’m busy.

Obviously. Too busy to care about cleanliness. Which, if I remember correctly, is next to Godliness.

Give me a break, will you? It’s not that bad in there.

I ask again. Are you serious? You were too lazy to use the plastic cover when you heated that spaghetti, on high, and sauce splattered everywhere. Last week, you tipped the ramekin with the melted butter. And I can’t remember what made that ugly brown stain on the top…but then you can’t see the top, can you?

Look, I’ll get to it.

Oh, I’ve heard it all before. You seem to have time for everyone else: the treadmill, the washer and dryer. You even emptied the dishwasher. But me…here I sit, hardening with stains. I used to be quite an appliance, shiny, new, ready for anything. Remember all the fun we had playing with the different settings? Now, it’s just press the quick heat button and who cares what happens. Coffee, pasta, chocolate, leftovers, vegetables, everything goes on high.

I know, I know…I spent a lot of time deciding to buy you but then life just got in the way. I’m sorry. I’m getting the dish rag right now.

Really? That filthy thing? You’ve washed out the compost container with that. How about some Formula 409?

OK, you’re right. You deserve the best.

Sigh…thanks. And just a reminder that the operating manual is in the drawer of the cart. I’d love to try out the frozen vegetable button again. It was so much fun.

I might have a package of spinach in the freezer.

Oh joy!

Guitar hospital

Written by dkernohan on January 5, 2014 3:46 pm
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Look, my lovely Kamsin – green, curvy, made by a chap named Patrick – has needed looking at for a while now. But the idea of driving 30 miles north, choosing one of the few days you are open, and paying for your treatments are conspiring to put me off.

Any chance you could move? Or do house calls?

She’s a lovely guitar, and would sound great through my new amp. I just need to get myself up there.

Dear Legs

Written by Spotty Minnie Bannister on January 5, 2014 3:46 pm
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Dear Legs

I’m so sorry that I have neglected you and promise I will get to you soon. I know the rusty razor and the small deal of Christmas were just mere excuses, but I really couldn’t help driving over 1000 miles around the country bestowing my attention on other friends and fauna. I promise I will recompense you for cramming you into a thick pair of woolly tights on New Years Eve, but by that point you must agree there was no option. We would have risked scaring small children and illegally eliciting funds for the WWF Adopt a Gorilla scheme. Now that I am home, your are of utmost priority, that is, after going to the pub and coming home for pie and chips. Soon. I will depilate. But someday, you may come back to me to stay, but who can say how soon. But who can say how soon.

Vase Assignment for Design 1o1 Course…

Written by AstroComfy on January 5, 2014 3:13 pm
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I know, I know. You were supposed to be done on Friday.

You just don’t understand, I have a real job with real responsibilities. I had to work a long day on Friday, and it was a brutal day. One of my worst yet. I just didn’t have it in me to make a vase that night, okay?

Yes, I know I somehow had time to get drunk. So what??? I can make the vase any time, it’s not like Friday was a hard deadline!!!

All right. You win. Vase is made. Assignment complete. Now back to drinking.


Written by J Miles on January 5, 2014 2:28 pm
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Filing, you are the batter of information and documents that make up the data I may need to look at someday in the future, to digest and be nourished by your wisdom and reliability. But you can wait, and so you do. You are like a cake, rising slowly over the days and weeks. Swelling gradually in the corner of the room. Waiting to be finally baked. I know you are there, and if I will just put you in the oven, I can enjoy the sweet, glorious taste of organization, but the longer I let you sit, the bigger you get and the longer it will take for you to bake. As that lovely sweetness recedes from the possible, I inch closer to pitching to whole batch and starting a new, more manageable pile.

Lost it on the dialogue part.

Your Midnight is Not Mine

Written by CogDog on January 5, 2014 12:29 pm
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Dear Job Application,

Why we had a whole month to spend together. Long stretches to contemplate how to dust off the resume, prune and make it shine, to contemplate how to respond to the qualifications. No problem.

Then the weather got snowy and fun. Then it got sunny and fun. Then there was Christmas. Then New Years. Lazy days, made a lazy month.


A whole week left. No problem.

Finally got the resume and cover letter ready. All I have to do is submit it before the weekend was over.

It is due midnight January 5, a Sunday, that means I have all day January 5 to turn it in. No Problem.

So we have one more last time together, me and my application, to review our relationship. Someone suggested I turn it in before midnight Saturday. Good idea, but then I got distracted watching a show. No problem.

Well one. Around 1am Saturday night, the job is gone from the system.

And it dawns. If course. Midnight is the start of a day, not the end (cause that is 12am the next day).

And I missed the deadline. Totally my fault for procrastinating. One problem, me, like a last minute assignment turning in student.

But… still…. if you say “midnight” as a deadline, technically there is a definite time. But you are dealing with humans, who make bad assumptions. You ought to be more specific.

No, I ought to be less procrastinistic.

One problem.

Sigh. We had a good thing going.