The Most Famous Novel No One Has Ever Heard of

Write the book jacket summary of the fourth title randomly created by the Book Title Generator. Create an author, and use at least 2 of the other titles as references to the author’s earlier works.

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Green Lights

Written by Wilhemina Wilkes on May 17, 2014 9:55 am
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Green Lights is the story of a unfortunate man named Randy Randerson. Nothing, absolutely nothing, ever goes Randy’s way. If he puts on a white shirt for work in the morning, guaranteed he would have spilled coffee on it by 10am, usually immediately before an important meeting. If there was an accident on I95 in the morning, he would be stuck right where the accident occurred, with no hoping of moving his vehicle for at least a half an hour. If there was a mud puddle, he stepped in it, if there was a freak rainstorm, he was always outside with no umbrella. Absolutely nothing went this man’s way. Until, on one fateful morning, Randy was driving to work down the usual traffic-light-infested highway that led straight to his office, when he hit a green light at every single traffic light. It looked like Randy’s luck was about to change….

From up-and-coming author, Wilhemina Wilkes, this is a promising start to an enthralling new series. Stayed tuned for this novels sequel, Red Lights, and be on the lookout for other intriguing works, Stop Signs, and Sidewalk Chatter.

The Future of the Nobody

Written by Feona Lonesome on May 17, 2014 9:47 am
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Nobody walked down the hall, sullen, forlorn, and wishing for just one person to eat lunch with today. It was the longest walk every day at 12:10. There were days that it was just too painful to sit alone with her peanut butter and jelly sat sandwich. That is why ducking into the bathroom became the solution. The blue tile, the porcelain sinks, the loud flushing do not make for an enjoyable lunch. Eating in the stall was always better than the isolation of the cafeteria.

The Future of the Nobody

Written by Lollapoloosa on May 17, 2014 9:45 am
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Nike already has been given the nickname, Nick Nobody by his classmates at Holman Middle. Nick is the new kid. He and his mom just moved here from North Carolina – sorta from the hills of Appalachia. What will Nick’s future hold for him at HMS?
He loves chess, but only the nerdy kids are in the chess club.
Who cares?
His mom says Chess will make him a millonaire.
Ok, my knight takes take your queen.
You may want to get to know this Nobody.
I’m going to be a millionaire, someday.

The Beginning’s Rose: An UnBook

Written by Cris Crissman @Cris2B on February 13, 2014 12:41 am
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Postman warned us that an idealist is much more difficult to deal with than someone corrupt because a corrupt person “knows all about bullshit, especially his own; which is another way of saying, he has a sense of humor.” In this, his first unbook, Todd Rose shares his wry humor honed by two years of completing DS106’s The Daily Creates. Unbooks are the latest effort by publishers to attract readers.

Rose is the author of two books, Eyes in the Fire and Forgotten Captive, about teaching art to high school students.

The Tower of Moons

Written by Pheleshia Hudson, @PheleshiaH on February 12, 2014 7:21 pm
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The peculiar orbit of Sordana’s moon, Sila, was causing great concern to the Tower. Beeps and grinds were heard throughout as the tower desperately recalibrated the gravitational forces that usually kept her orbit to an undulating rhythm. Druliana, Tower Master, recalculated and reconfigured as Sila oscillated dangerously, threatening to snap the delicate bond she had with her Mother planet Sordana. “Not another catastrophe!” thought Druliana as sweat poured between her shoulder blades. The past week had been riddled with similar inexplicable situations and one moon, Giolia, had been lost, carrying millions of lives with her.

The Savior’s Dream by Peter Stine

Written by AstroComfy on February 12, 2014 7:04 pm
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Rebecca Goode thinks she’s found a man who loves her, her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. But another man, Satan, tempts her with his lustful ways. How can Rebecca choose between two fantastic lovers, one fairer than the children of men, the other the great dragon which deceiveth the whole world?

Determined to win her heart (and soul) Jesus will do anything to win Rebecca. Is his dream merely a dream, or can the Lamb of God turn his dreams and fantasies into reality?

A sharp departure from Peter Stine’s previous books dealing with maritime adventures, “Guardian of the Waves” and “The Dwindling Waves”, “The Savior’s Dream” is an epic, erotic thriller, pitting good against evil, virtue against sin. Who will prevail?

The Future’s Vision

Written by dkernohan on February 12, 2014 4:22 pm
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“The Future’s Vision” is a darkly satirical novel set in the corporate EdTech boom of the early 2010s. Written as a “found object” epistolary novel, it is presented as a set of committee papers written and rewritten as a small and wary higher education institution (Pine Tech) attempts to reach an agreement over a fluid and ill-defined joint venture with an EdTech start-up (EduGlue LLP). The character of EduGlue CEO Doug Wheeler, variously described as a “human TechCrunch comment”, an “irritable bowel with an API” and as a “ruby off the rails” is widely seen as the defining archetype of that age and his gnomic utterances favour t-shirts and animated gifs the world over. Often compared to Catch 22, The Trial, and other great novels that deal with bureaucracy and business, “The Future’s Vision” is here reprinted with a new introduction by the author.

Since her first book, “Dying End”, Emily Forsythe has bewildered and charmed the reading public with her signature mixture of hard SF, astute modern social observation and black humour. Her DTLT-nominated masterpiece “The Planet of the History”, prompted one critic to describe her as “the freakish lovechild of Douglas Copeland, Audrey Waters and Jane Austen”. Emily lives in East Vancouver with her cat, Clayton.

The Sucking Flowers

Written by Seth Goodman on February 12, 2014 11:52 am
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Rasputin had not been gone more than twenty minutes before the bookshelf tipped over. It happened so slowly, like an unexpected yawn, that one could hardly imagine how rapidly the consequences would unfold or that a humble, neurotic bookkeeper could set things right. Thus begins The Sucking Flowers, Humont Petifore’s coy yet sublime finale in the Dark Hallway trilogy.

The place is Las Vegas and the time is spring 1996, and the Stratosphere Hotel, the tallest building west of the Mississippi, nears completion…it has been four years since Lydia returned to Nevada to complete her accounting degree and avenge the death of her biological father and former mailman. Yet, unbeknownst to her, the man with two wallets continues to monitor her via his syndicate of independent florists. Honor, retribution, and hydroponics blend in this fast-paced thriller, at a time when the Golden Age of Las Vegas begins to wane as the members of the Rat Pack die and the corporate fabrication of a new Vegas strip emerge.

Humont Petifore lives with his wife, three children, and faithful goldfish, Robert Meriwether Gambo the Third. They divide their time between Austin, Texas and Telluride, Colorado. He is the author of two previous books in the Dark Hallway trilogy, “Moon in the Way” and “Nothing in the Gift.”

The Gift’s Game

Written by byzantiumbooks on February 12, 2014 8:43 am
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Welcome to the world of ancient Jerusalem…and Damascus…and Khazaria…Byzantium…and many other known and unknown centers of culture. In the course of selling old books from shops buried deep in city walls and deep in city history, Jacob ben Zaqen finds himself involved in international intrigue. Jacob’s family in Damascus must pass on a valuable gift to the bookshop manager in Jerusalem, but first the components of that gift must be acquired from other cities. Maintaining secrecy is all-important, yet the governments are seeking to prevent this transfer of power disguised as a gift of old paper. Will he seal the deal of the ages? Or will he be defeated in his quest for the connection between past literary power and future literacy of all humans? The Game is On!

The Gift’s Game is third in Henry Bevis’s “books” series, which spans the generations and cultures of the world. The series began with The Magnificent Gift and Mists of Memory. Bevis is working on the next two works in the series, tentative titled Melchizedek the Prince and The Gift Gives Back. The Gift’s Game is available at all underground bookshops everywhere.

This book …

Written by @dogtrax on February 12, 2014 7:18 am
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You have to read this book. It’s going to be on every list, every top ten, every blog, tweet, snapchat, vine, remix, whatever.

It is … (get ready for it) ….. (ready?) …. (for it?) …. Words in the Game.

And if I have to explain why you need to read it, then you don’t need to read it.

But go on. Read it.

I need the cash.