20 Steps

To begin, take a short video of the area you start your video adventure. Then, take 20 steps in one direction and stop, record another short clip. Repeat this process after taking another 20 steps. After you’ve captured 20 little videos, every 20 steps, you’ll edit them together to create a masterpiece. For a bonus add thematic music and snazzy titles.

from Vimeo’s Weekend Challenge

Upload your video to YouTube with the tags dailycreate and tdc780 (YouTube seems to work best if you also include tdc780 in the video title)

[tubepress mode=”tag” tagValue=”tdc780″ playerLocation=”shadowbox” orderBy=”published” showRelated=”false” ajaxPagination=”false” resultsPerPage=”28″ author=”true” videoBlacklist=””]

Submitted by Sandy Brown Jensen