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The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Art

Written by AstroComfy on February 28, 2014 5:03 pm
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A collection of the Top 5 Worst Advice ever given (or taken) about art:

1. Study all the works of Thomas Kinkade in depth.

2. Realize that there are no happy little trees.

3. Just paint sharks.

4. Stealing is faster than practicing.

5. Ignore daily inspirations, such as ds106.

And there you have it, pretty much the worst of it! Have a great day!

Can You Dig it? ds106 Quiz

Written by Cris Crissman @Cris2B on February 28, 2014 1:00 am
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Think You’re Cut Out for Doing ds106? Take This Quiz.

1. Do you embrace or resist uncertainty?

2. Do you like to collaborate or fly solo?

3. Do you like to stretch yourself or take it easy?

4. Do you have a strange affinity for animated gifs?

5. Do you enjoy making shark-themed art?

Art Sharks, ds106 and a shark

Written by Lusia Kurk on February 27, 2014 10:46 pm
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Have we got a deal for you! For a limited time only here at ds106 we are clearing all our inventory of Art. That’s right folks all art must go!!!

The latest, the greatest, you name it and it’s yours (for the right price of course). We have photography and drawing to feast your eyes upon. Take in the colours, the contours, and even those crazy textures. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy why not delve into reading a spectacular artistic endeavour carefully created for your enjoyment. That’s right folks just step right up and buy some art; it’s guaranteed to give you intrigue and mystery.

What’s that you say not interested in any of those art forms? Well that’s not problem at all here at ds106 we have many means of creating art. Not interested in looking at it; then you can listen to it. With our state of the art sound exploring system (your laptop or computer speakers) you can now tantalize your sense of hearing into a melodious mix of beauty and joy when you purchase one of our glorious pieces of audio art.

Still not enough? Then there are no other options friends; you desire, nay require the FULL BODY EXPERIENCE…what is this you ask? Only the most serious and most deeply committed students of the art world should venture such an experience. The brilliant lights, oh magnanimous sounds, that cacophony of story and raw emotion. You must have it; you must, but dare we release it too you? Are you a true and astute believer of the meaning of art? Can you comprehend what it is to be so entwined that you and art are one?

No, no we cannot it would be too irresponsible. We cannot release such sensitive materials to just anyone.

What is that? Speak up.

You are a true believer and lover of art; if you say so then surly it must be true. Are you ready for it? All right then.

Come closer, closer, closer………here it is …are you ready?………..the video.

Now there you have it folks get ‘em while their hot! Fresh out of young and fruitful minds all the art you can feast on for a limited time only.

*all purchases receive a free shark while quantities last

10 Things Your Competitor Can Teach You About The Daily Create

Written by Sandy Brown Jensen on February 27, 2014 1:08 pm
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10 Things Your Competitor Can Teach You About The Daily Create

1.Winners get up and get creating. You decide to put TDC off until later in the day to do if you find time. Meanwhile, your Competitor has gotten up at the crack of dawn and flexed her artistic muscles over her first cup of wake-eye. Get the picture?

2. You cannot win if you do not play. You have mentally consigned your Daily Create to the realm of “play” and therefore infantilized your own creativity. Your Competitor deeply honors the primacy of deep play in the workplace for the magnetic attractor it is. Get a life!

3. Been working your brains out to produce charts and documents to land that big account? You didn’t notice Client and Competitor playing golf last Friday wearing those clever DS 106 t-shirts we all designed for The Daily Create? Get with the program!

4. Ever notice how you’re starting to edit and judge The Daily Create prompts and how you seem to NOT want to do them any more? Your Competitor doesn’t stop and discuss. She goes for quantity not quality because she knows that’s the way to keep the momentum going. Momentum + Constant Creativity = Clients. Which she has more of. Get a clue!

5. So you find The Daily Creates repetitious? Every day doing a little flash art doesn’t seeming challenging enough because you have Bigger More Important Kettles of Fish to Fry? I don’t see your Competitor whining about repeat clients, repeat business or repeated Daily Creates. In an online interview, your Competitor told me, “Deep play allows different patterns to emerge from dark matter. Learning to read those pattern, including patterns of duplication is one secret to my success.” Get my drift?

6. Spend a lot of time wadding your Daily Creates up and tossing them in the general direction of the Circular File? Meanwhile, your Annoying Competitor is hanging with her team on the DS 106 website encouraging outside-the-box thinking. Challenging assumptions. Going bat-shit crazy. She knows that sometimes the wildest ideas lead to great ones. The wilder the ideas the better. Get over yourself!

7. Do you spend more time feeling guilty or explaining why you don’t do The Daily Create…daily? I notice your Competitor’s corporate slogan is “No shame, no blame.” Just sayin’.

8. So you jump out of bed and hustle off to Get Some Work Done. You can’t see your Competitor, but she is doodling her Daily Create and daydreaming the day ahead of her. She insists on giving herself daydreaming time. Dial it down, Babe.

9. Your Daily Creates are never commented on and disappear from view within 24 hours, never to see the light of day again, so why bother? You have charts and diagrams to uh “create” at work. Meanwhile, your COMPETITOR is being interviewed by Terry Gross on NPR about the PROCESS of creation. She is inspiring millions of people by saying, “The secret and ecstasy of creating is being in the flow, of losing myself in the process.”
Get with the program!

10. Who is this Annoying Competitor? The playful one who has a rich, full life daydreaming, creating, and attracting and keeping clients? You mean the good-looking one in the mirror with the hair, the looks, the curiosity and bounce of a youngster? The one with his or her Daily Create sketches pinned in colorful disarray on the corporate bulletin board where other people keep the Grandkids? Could that Vision of Loveliness be (gasp!) YOU???

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On ds106

Written by Bill Smith on February 27, 2014 8:55 am
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In breaking news, widespread cheating has been reported in the underground ds106 education community. In reports taken from Social Media, the so-called leaderless movement’s leaders even brag about cheating being a good thing. One member of this elite force, going by the cognomen “cagdag”, claims religious authority. His latest retweet is from the Roman Catholic Pope Francis (@Pontifex) whose latest tweet states “In a family it is normal to take charge of those who need help.” Cagdag apparently interprets this to mean that he can control what goes on in education by supplying answers to Standardized Online Litmus (SOL) tests.

Another apparent leader in the movement, a mysterious woman who appeared on the scene only a year ago going by the handle “iamtalkingnowsolistentome”, has been quoted demanding that all members of the ds106 cult(ure) “Make Art, Bub.” The use of the palindromic “Bub” is code for “same as me,” which shows the focus on cheating.

Meanwhile, the titular head of the DTLT group, the original home of ds106, Jam “bovo” Broom, is looking for funding to keep the enterprise going. He has been known to travel to Italy, looking for Mafia loan sharks.