Write a Story about your breakfast Cereal and a Super Hero Character

Explain the relationship of the kind of cereal to the super hero power.

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Design A Cereal

Written by Cris Crissman / Cris2B Twitter on August 2, 2014 11:28 pm
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Ready for a truly adult cereal?

Warren Buffet, a superhero to those who admire vision and smart business acumen, has now created a line of cereal that will appeal to adults who want a healthy cereal with a smart cereal box.

The cereal is made to order with choices including types of grain, form (biscuit, doughnut, puffed), type of sweetener (organic cane sugar, honey, agave, stevia), and, best yet, a cereal box for those who enjoy reading cereal boxes. That’s right, the cereal box gives the eater/reader a daily choice of “superheroes” to read about. The box is Wifi-enabled with an 8.5 X 12 LED panels on each side.

What could be more fun than eating your puffed honey oaties while reading about how Buffet made his fortune and you can, too.

Batman’s Decoder Ring

Written by @dogtrax on August 2, 2014 6:34 am
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Batman sat down, ripped open his box of Count Chocula and poured it into his bowl. The gallon of milk sat on the table. Taking a spoonful of the chocolate goodness, Batman casually read the back of the carton and stopped. He looked closer and his eyes got fixed with that deep Batman stare.
“Robin!” he shouted, and a distant voice returned, “What, Batman?”
“Did you steal my decoder ring from the cereal box again?”
Robin sighed, audibly, so that Batman could hear him. It was the kind of dramatic sigh that Robin was famous for.
“No. I don’t want the decoder ring. Why would I steal it?”
Batman crunched another spoonful. A mystery, he thought, and so early in the morning. He began to look for clues. He ripped open the box, and then the bag. Cereal spilled everywhere. No sign of the decoder ring. Alfred wandered in, and rolled his eyes.
“Sir, you have made a mess.”
“I am on the hunt for a missing decoder ring, Alfred.”
“Ahhh. Yes, sir.”
Batman stared at his butler.
Alfred hesitated. “Last night, sir, while you were out, the Bat light shone, but it was foggy. I could not see the message. I may have, well, helped myself to the decoder ring, Sir.”
The superhero stared at Alfred, who was used to the gaze and yet, still felt odd about the famed “Batman look.”
“Well, give it back.”
“Very well, sir,” and Alfred dug into his jacket pockets for the little plastic toy. He handed it to Batman, who examined it with a practiced eye.