And the Peyton Manning colour of 2014 is… Radiant Orchid

Denver, CO — Peyton Manning, quarterback fo the Denver Broncos, has announced his 2014 color of the year: Radiant Orchid.

This announcement has taken many by surprise as Manning’s colors of the year are traditionally used for all merchandise related to him and the Denver Broncos franchise for the year. In the past these colors have been traditional masculine colors: Laser Lemon, Denim, Manatee, etc. Many are concerned that Radiant Orchid, a purple shade, will alienate much of the fanbase.

But Manning stands by his choice of color. “I love this color. I’ve painted my kids’ bedrooms Radiant Orchid. I don’t see why anyone would object to it.”

Well, only the time and profits on franchise merchandise can really tell.