Back in About 71 or so

Around 1971 I was living in Winslow for a few months and I know that corner well. In fact, I think I recall seeing Talky Tina around as she really stood out in a crowd in a weird way.

During those months in Winslow I recall a guy with a cane and a guitar. It was pretty popular to stand on the corner in Winslow and this guy with the cane played pretty well, but you had to stand close because he played an electric guitar.

One day I asked him why he was in town and what his name was. His name was Jim and he was “just getting away from it all.” I had no idea what “it all was” but I am guessing it was a lot of it to come to a place like Winslow. I took a picture of him.

It was a few years later that I recognized the guy in a movie that came out about a rock and roll concert. The guy made it pretty big with his cane and electric guitar. I don’t know anything about Talky Tina’s encounter with him.

Here is the picture I took: