Back in twenty minutes (not sixty seconds)

Once upon a time there was a girl with a choice.

“Go back in time, you say… what a fantastic idea!” she thought to herself, as she began to think about it.
“20 minutes?!!?” She realized, “that’s like an episode of Gargoyles or something what the hell?”

The girl soon came to the conclusion that whatever she was going to do had to be quick, and maybe simple. “Change or witness something small,” she thought, “aren’t those thing things that are most important?” She sat contented with this conclusion for like ten seconds.

“nah, go big or go home.”

So, she decided, for twenty minutes, that she would go back in time and chat with some Mayan priests to figure out what exactly the Mayan calendar was all about, and whether or not there was actually a City of Gold anywhere on the general continent.

The End.