Bet ya can’t eat just one

Members of my kind meet many fates though we all start out underground. The humans like to eat us and they have such a variety of rituals they put us through in preparation. Some us us are wrapped in shiny coats and heated until our innards are steamy and fluffy, while others of us get tossed into boiling water or hot grease. Some of us will be smashed to a pulp before being served. Sometimes we are served hot while other times we are cooked then chilled before our consumption. In nearly all cases we will be joined with other ingredients that please the tastes of those who eat us. Of all the many fates that await us, I am among the lucky ones. I’ve been stripped down to the thinnest essence of my original self, cooked through and through and seasoned just right. I will exit this world with a grand satisfying CRUNCH!