Better Than the Von Trapp Family Singers on Steroids!

Yes. Thank you for asking.
I know all about The Wire.
It’s mostly a chick flick but it has a bromance, too. Oh, and pirates, so Jim Groom might like it, too.

It starts out with this nice family of Christian conservative kids who have been home schooled in Sweet Home, Oregon, including 3 beautiful triplets named Marsha, Chocolat, and Cremora; their brother is George although everyone calls him Gooey.

Altogether, there are nine siblings in the Graham family, and they have a Christian country band called the S’mores.

The Wire is all about the adventures the S’mores have when they take their act on the road.

They get kidnapped by pirates, buried alive in a cavern full of hoarded gold, get rescued by these two really cute gay guys, fall in and out of love with all the wrong and then all the right people.

And of course, they make wonderful, uplifting music on improvised instruments wherever they go.

Spunky and sporty, their spirits rise to any occasion, and so will yours.

It’s really great how at the end of The Wire each of the girls gets a love scene.

SPOILER ALERT! Bring a hanky if you cry at weddings!