British step brothers building bunk beds

Brennan: “Is this a dodgy time?”
Robert: “What the bollocks is going on?”
Brennan: “Mom, Mr. Doback, okay, Dale and I were just—”
Robert: “Please stop calling me Mr. Doback. Okay?”
Brennan: “Sorry. Okay, Mom, mate Doback… We think it would be very brilliant–”
Dale: “Can we turn our beds into bunk beds? ”
Brennan: “Yes.”
Nancy: “Why are you guys so knackered?”
Dale: “Alright, we’ve already figured out how. The beds match up like the bee’s knees.”
Brennan: “And here’s the thing. It’ll give us so much extra space in our room to do activities.”
Dale: “Please say yes otherwise we will be gutted.”
Robert: “You don’t need permission from us to build bunk beds. You’re adults. You can do what you want.”
Dale: “So…?”
Robert: “I’m not making myself clear, this conversation’s gone all to pot! I don’t give a tosh. Now, you both have several interviews tomorrow. I would think you’d be focused on that and not building bunk beds. You better not skive tomorrow.”
Dale and Brennan: “So…?”
Brennan: “We can? No?”
Nancy: “Yes.”
Brennan: “Blinding!”
Nancy: “Yes, you can build bunk beds.”
Dale: “Brilliant.”
Brennan: “Cheers! We won’t cock up. This won’t be a damp squib. We’re gonna get so much more activities done.”
Dale: “This is the crackingest night ever! Hunky-dory!”
Brennan: “Ace!”