Byrdie at Blackstone

One day in September, I walked alone to get a drink from Blackstone on campus. When I was getting close to it, I had a weird feeling that I needed to walk to the Blackstone across the street. I went, ordered a chai tea latte, and worked on my homework. Across Blackstone, was a girl that I had never seen before. She was writing in a journal, and she had a Younglife Shirt on (which is the club i’m in, but hardly knew anyone in it at the time). I could tell that she was older than me and I was too nervous to go talk to her. As I was leaving, she waved hello to me, so i stopped. She introduced herself as Carolyn Byrd and we ended up talking for an hour and clicked right away. We exchanged numbers, and hung out again that week. Now she’s one of my best friends! All because I walked to the further Blackstone, and talked to a stranger.