Collect Learning As You Pass

I have a number of reasons for landing on TDC 846: Design Your Own Board Game About DS106. Prime is that this was one created by David Kernohan’s son Ben, who was 6 at the time I last visited. He loves the Daily Create and lit up when I said we would publish one that he thought of.

This was also one where I severely broke my “do something in 20 minutes tool” as once I decided to redo the Gartner Hyped Game of MOOCopoly it ended up being one I worked to every last detail, including creating Community Chest and Chance cards, and a property deed. It worked well as I found a fantastically useful Photoshop template where every element of the game was its own layer (see the making of MOOCopoly)

The only thing I left off was a dog playing piece.

Because MOOC mocking.