Connection Lost

I enjoy talking to strangers. The reactions and comments that come from random people can be a refreshing, surprising and beautifully disgusting exposé of the diversity of life. The only problem is that it is becoming harder to strike a natural conversation with individuals. Some try to blame it on the attraction from the screens we take with us everywhere. I agree with that fact. In a way it has altered our innate tribe mentality from those around us to those we gather together on the internet. So not only is it tough to find someone not looking down at their phone, actively ignoring those around them, (I catch myself doing it too, I’m part of the problem) but when they do look up they have less of a reason to be engaged with others, ceteris paribus. The fact that there is a day specifically cut out of the year to remind us that it is okay to talk to other people should be a sign to take note of. Have a good day!