Consumer net

I saw the John Oliver special on net neutrality yesterday. I thought to myself, wtf! No emoji ever made could describe how shady the internet providers could make a consumer feel. The click bait campaign used to generate good will towards their cause is laughable. They are more comparable to shady click fraud revenue endeavors. If I had the chance to see them (Chairman’s of the service providers) in public smiling for the cameras, I would photo bomb them with a big middle finger. That picture would probably not be seen by many because it would not be an nsfw picture to pull up at your work computer. But I wouldn’t care. Better yet, if I were a server for one of them I would make my spit look like crema in their drink or put Viagra in their chilaquiles. Creating a super highway for wealthier users would cause a colony collapse disorder like trend regarding the usage and flow of information amongst those of us who can’t afford to be on the internet fast lane.