Creative Bovines in Bovine County


There is always talk at the hardware store in Bovine about Don Burgeron. 

After all the business with the name change and the people at 107,  the town started to talk about how his cows. It seems that he is known all over a place called the Interwebz  for his creative bovines – is that not another name for cow?

How can he get a cow to be creative? They eat grass all day and have no brains!

Well it seems that he is managing to teach those cows computer literacy and that they are going around the Interwebz reclaiming their own domain and being rude to visitors, saying things like: this site is mine, get your own!

The town is getting a bit scared as people from this interwebz start to arrive to Bovine County.  And of that Don. Even his sister talks about him spending ‘far too long with those darn cows’. 

How is he teaching cows to use computers creatively?  It is not natural. Talk say he is a kind of wizard. Mary Smith the head teacher from the local Bovine school, where neither cows nor children learn to be creative said: ‘ I have half a mind to start a petition asking for those darn cows to be confiscated or something. Bovine does not need a Gandolf  that is for fairy tales not a sensible Texan town with a hardware store, darn it! ‘ 

NanaLou Burgeron was unavailble for comment. This newspaper awaits the arrival of Sappy Burgeron on June 21 who has promised an exclusive revelation about her brother Don’s methods of teaching.