Errands – Those Pesky Daily Items – Instructions for an everyday item!


How to Run those Pesky Errands

We all have them and we all have a habit of letting them build up until we just can’t wait any longer! Yes those pesky errands dry cleaning, mail a letter or box, pay a bill, grocery shopping, getting the kids their shoes, and of course I could go on and on. But before you know it you have a day full of them! I picked this topic because I do not like those errands and I am constantly trying to find a way out of them or to get them done as quickly as possible. Here are some organizational steps to make the day easier. You know when you can get your dry cleaning in by 9 am and pick it up after 5 pm and yes errands in between.

1. Plan your list of what errands you need to run by importance.
2. Organize your list by location and when the place opens and closes.
3. Make certain if you have things that you can drop off and then return and pick-up on your way back through they get placed early on the organization list. So make sure you drop the dry cleaning and medicine to the pharmacy first so that it will be ready when you come back through! I always forget to bring the dry cleaning! Or I will forget that I dropped anything off and don’t pick it up and then after I am home I remember it should have been ready and picked up.
4. Plan grocery shopping accordingly and carefully due to perishables. Always make sure this is the last stop or close to the last stop and any additional stops are quick and easy ones like run in and grab the dry cleaning or the medicines! Or you can carry a cooler for those perishables and not have to worry about it.