Escape from Crayola Canyon

Burnt Sienna and Neon Carrot were plotting another escape attempt when UnMellow Yellow arrived, all jittery as usual and mad as hell at the entire world. He danced around on his point, peeling off bits of paper and urging for violent resurrection. Neon Carrot just grimaced.
“Why’d we bring him?” Neon asked Burnt Sienna. “Remind me?”
Sienna glanced over at UnMellow Yellow, who was now arguing with a rock about a shade of gray.
“He’s passionate.”
“That’s not the word I would use,” muttered Neon.
The three had come together to hatch a plan to leave. The Box wouldn’t let them leave. The Box, they had decided, was a prison with fancy names designed to keep them all happy. And many of them were. Cornflower, Periwinkle, Cotton Candy and others were content to live inside the Box.
Not Burnt Sienna, who had glimpsed something more one afternoon when The Child brought The Box to a placed called “school.” For a brief moment, Sienna caught sight of an even more colorful world than The Box and she was determined to find it.
“When we do we start?” UnMellow Yellow yelled. “I’m ready right now. Let’s blow this joint!”
Sienna calmed him. “First, we need a plan. You know that Timberwolf, Royal Purple and the rest of the Color Police will come after us. We need a plan. We don’t want a repeat of last time.”
The three shuddered, thinking of how difficult it had been in the hours after their previous escape attempt, when they were stripped of their paper and forced to spend time in the Place of Broken Colors. They had done their time, made overtures of repentance and been cautiously accepted back to The Box.
Now, they were on the move again and this time, Burnt Sienna declared, they would succeed.
“It all begins with The Pencil, ” she began, ” and ends with The Pen. But first, we need to bring in the reinforcements. We need to call in The Writer to tell our Story, so that even after this is all over, we can live forever in the Words of the Story.”
“On the Internet?” Neon asked.
“Yes, on the Internet.”

“We are ready.”